Top Reasons Why You Should Go Solar in California; Number Five Will Shock You.



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Are you sick and tired of paying a high electric bill?

Are you aware that going solar is the only solution for how to save on electric bills?

Read on for all the good reasons and more that come with investing in solar energy in California.

You cannot underestimate the potential of solar panels. Indeed, renewable energy is the future, especially with all of the benefits it brings within California. So, you need to go solar in California and enjoy their incentives.

Many homeowners looking to go solar are asking; What are the advantages of solar energy? The long-term benefits of investing in solar energy include reducing electric bills and the ability to use environmentally friendly clean energy.

Enlightened Solar has been at the forefront of providing installation services for solar in Orange County. We provide quality, transparent and affordable services for homeowners looking to install solar panels. 

One of the reasons to go solar with Enlightened Solar is the quality of installation that we offer. Credibility is our key value in a bid to build trust with our clients who have been disappointed by poor and low-quality installations in the past or were hesitant to pull the trigger with another provider

As time goes on, the cost of electricity continues to rise. Household expenses will also increase with the high cost of living in California. Therefore, as a homeowner looking to save some money, solar is the viable solution to saving on energy bills. While we are focusing on energe, here are energy-saving tips that you can implement to lower the amount of energy used in your household. 

Meanwhile, let us demystify the advantages and the top reasons why you should go solar in California:

  • Why should you go solar in California?
  • Reasons to go solar in California
  • Solar panels save you money on electricity
  • California has the best climate with sunlight all year round
  • Solar increases your home value in California
  • Long term benefits of renewable energy
  • The California government supports solar energy through its policies
  • Solar energy is safe for the environment
  • Adoption of solar energy creates more jobs

Why Should You Go Solar in California?

As of 2019, the USA is home to more than 2 million solar panel installations. The research done by the Solar Industries Association (SEIA) also found that 51 percent of the first million installations were from California. California residents also represented 43 percent of the second million installations. 

It is an attribution to the high growth in California’s residential sector. Homeowners are looking for ways to save on electric bills, and investing in solar in Orange County is one of the solutions.

By the end of this article, you should be sold on the reasons to go solar in California. So let’s get into the main points. 

Reasons to Go Solar in California


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  •  Solar Panels Save You Money on Electricity Costs.

What are the advantages of solar energy? 

The use of solar energy means that you are producing clean energy. Renewable energy is not only good for the environment, but also great for you as a homeowner.

Why go solar?

You will save money on the recurrent energy expenditure while contributing to a better and safer environment. Statistics in California show that solar energy thrives and the adoption has grown immensely. Enlightened Solar attests to this, and we encourage our clients to go solar in California

Solar energy is highly dependent on the sun. That means that you do not need to spend a dime to generate power. Instead, you generate free energy and send the excess to the public grid in exchange for incentives. You will use it during the night when you are prone to use more electrical power.

Who wouldn’t want free energy?

Homeowners only need to invest in the initial costs. However, this should not kill your dreams of going solar in California because the region has incentives and rebates to ease your burden. 

In addition, solar energy has a high return on investment. Homeowners have reported recovering their initial investment within 7-8 years. The high ROI is a result of saving on electric bills.


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  • California Has the Best Climate With Sunlight All Year Round.

As we discussed above, solar energy is dependent on sunlight. What would happen if your region has more extended periods of winter throughout the year? It means that you will not be able to maximize the use of solar energy.

However, if you are in California, you are privileged to have a warm climate throughout the year. Therefore, you will not be worried about power outages, especially in the summer season. In addition, the consistent sun and warm climate allow homeowners the advantage of having low electric bills. Therefore, if your primary reason for going solar is financial, you are good to go!


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The real estate industry in California never stops to amaze us. It is at an all-time high, giving homeowners a reason to smile. Suppose you have installed solar panels in your home, the property further increases in value. If you plan to sell or rent your home in the future, most clients go for a property that has solar panels installed.

Some homes produce enough solar electricity that the solar panels will generate money for you by selling energy back to the grid. So, the power company could be sending you checks instead of bills. You get a 100 percent return on your investment!

Protect yourself from annual increases from your power company. On average, local municipalities will raise their rates by 6% annually. With solar power, your power bill will remain a constant for up to 20 years!

The residents are aware of the electric bill reduction in a house with solar panels, hence choosing to buy or rent a house with solar energy. However, as a homeowner, going solar now is a great advantage because not everyone has transitioned to solar power. Therefore, the earlier you get it installed, the better for you. 

While at it, ensure that you get all the relevant information regarding solar energy and solar panel installation. It will help you avoid common mistakes made when buying solar, which will cost you higher than the usual installation costs. 

  • Long Term Benefits for Renewable Energy

The cost of electricity is rising each day. The trend shows that there is a continuous reduction in fossil fuels to use for electric generation. It means that we do not expect a reduction in the cost of electricity. 

Therefore, going solar now could be your best option. Solar panels make energy more affordable in the long run. You will not have to experience power outages at night, and you also contribute to a clean and safe environment.

The use of solar energy eliminates the spread of harmful carbon emitted by fossil fuels. However, carbon has a long-term effect on the environment, causing negative climate change. 

The solution to a reduction in the cost of energy is the adoption of solar panels. The future is affordable with solar panels in our homes. It benefits you as not only a homeowner, but also the rest of the community.

  • The California Government Supports Solar Energy Through its Policies.

Hold up!

Isn’t it unique for your government to encourage and support solar energy?

You may ask, how?

Well, this benefit comes in through tax incentives. 

You must be tired of contributing to your yearly taxes, which are a pain in your pockets. Now, if you invest in solar panels for your home, your income taxes will reduce. 

Once you install solar energy in your home, you are eligible for the California solar incentives that will see you get a massive deduction in your taxes. However, this is dependent on the amount you spend on solar panel installation. Remember that different homes will need different solar panels, and the budget spent will be different. 

The government has proposed incentives to people who use solar panels. It will enable them to get tax breaks if the solar panels are for residential homes or businesses. You enjoy this through the tax breaks offered on your residential property. 

The tax incentive comes in addition to the electric bill you save on monthly. Saving on taxes and your electricity bill is a massive benefit that California residents get to enjoy. It may be unnoticeable as you start, but this saving margin will make sense over time, and you will thank me later! 🙂 

  • Solar Energy is Safe for the Environment

We can’t emphasize the promotion of clean energy and the benefits it brings to the environment. For example, solar power makes a great contribution to environmental conservation and also reduces the carbon footprint. 

It is a plus compared to the use of fossil fuels that promote carbon emissions. For example, research on solar energy has shown that a solar panel can eliminate three to four tons of carbon emissions each year. 

Guess what!?

It is equal to an annual tree planting of 100 trees. If you don’t have a reason to go solar, do it for the environment. Fresh and clean air is healthy for every human being. 

  • Adoption of Solar Energy Creates More Jobs


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At this time and age, there are numerous jobless people, especially with the adoption of technology. What you should note is that the transition into solar energy helps create new job opportunies. There are solar energy jobs that need manual laborers.

Research done by the Solar Foundation found that the solar industry creates jobs faster than the U.S economy. It is a result of the higher pay that comes with solar-related jobs. Therefore, the solar industry is a great contributor to the U.S economy, eradicating the lack of employment. 

Solar industries have the most robust employment rates in the world. Over the years, we have seen over 800,000 people employed in solar power. These jobs have been directly converted to heating or cooling and 34,000 more in concentrated solar power, an industry building large-scale solar power projects that use mirrors and lenses to concentrate solar energy from large areas into small areas. 

So, What’s Next? You Have All the Reasons to Go Solar in California. The Next Decision is Up to You.

Are you ready to invest in solar energy?

By now, you have realized that the advantages of going solar supersede the disadvantages.

As usual, not everyone is an adopter of every excellent investment. Therefore, now that you know better, do better! 

We are experts in solar installation. We understand your worries and concerns. One of our main goals in serving Orange County is the many adverse reports from customers who have received poor installation services. 

We have changed the narrative. Contact us and let us be part of your unique story of going solar in California.