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A Guide to Solar Repair and Maintenance

Solar Panel Repair San Clemente CA

Solar systems are typically pretty low maintenance, but everything needs care from time to time. Heavy dirt, dust, and debris can impact your system’s level of efficiency, thereby canceling out the solar savings you should be experiencing. Additionally, storms, falling objects, and similar events can cause damages that can affect your system.

In order to keep your system operating at its best, it is important to make solar maintenance a regular thing. If you live in a climate where there is pretty heavy rain, you are likely in good shape as these heavy rains will clean your panels. Still, it is smart to check them one to three times each year to be sure.

If you live in dry climates or if those heavy rains cause a lot of falling objects around your home, this solar maintenance is even more important. Dry climates can leave a large build-up of dust and dirt, preventing your panels from absorbing as much energy as they are intended to absorb. Additionally, any damages can greatly impact their efficiency and you need to have any needed solar repair done as quickly as possible.

The age of your system may mean you need additional maintenance. While new systems are built to last for decades, older ones were built to withstand about half of that time or less. Older systems will typically need more care to keep them operating well. Also, if your installer did not do a proper job, you could find yourself needing much more solar repair and maintenance than you imagined.

While cleaning your solar panels is technically something one can do on their own, you should consider hiring a professional to handle it. First and foremost, consider your safety. Professionals have the necessary equipment to clean and maintain your solar panels safely and quickly, greatly reducing the risk of injury.

Also, professionals know what issues to keep an eye out for during cleanings. This means that they can help you pinpoint any potential issues before they become an actual problem.

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