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How Does a Solar Panel Work?

Solar Panel Installation San Clemente CA

Understanding how solar energy works is a common topic of thought. There are both simple explanations for those of us who like the basics as well as more complicated answers for the science buff who desires to learn the deep inner workings of solar systems. 

Here is a rather straightforward explanation that explains how your solar panels operate: 

Solar Panel Placement 

Solar panels are placed on your home. In most cases, they are installed on the roof. In the presence of sunlight, each individual solar panel is activated to capture the light, which is then converted into energy to power your home. 

Converting Sunlight Into Usable Energy 

The solar panel contains cells that are designed to turn the sunlight into usable energy. These cells have two layers of silicon – one negative and one positive. These create an energy field that, in turn, generates an electrical current. This current is used to transfer the sunlight into usable energy. 

Using the Energy at Home 

The raw energy that your solar panels produce is DC, or direct current. It is not conducive for use at home. The solar system’s inverter will convert the DC into alternating current (or AC), which is suitable to use in a residential structure. 

Monitoring Energy Usage 

Your energy usage is monitored with an electric meter. As your panels collect sunlight during the day, it is stored for later consumption. This solar reserve is designed to still provide your home with energy even on cloudy days where the panels cannot absorb sunlight. 

If you collect more energy than you use, your electric company will typically give you a credit. Essentially, this is a rollover of energy that you can use. 

Enjoying the Benefits of Residential Solar Energy 

Adopting solar energy is a wise investment in long-term energy savings. As you continue to use your solar panels, you will find that your electric bill decreases tremendously and you will have a more self-reliant and sustainable power source for your home. 

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