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Enlightened Assurance Plan

Solar panel systems are a significant investment, and as with any major purchase, you want to be sure that your investment is protected. That’s why solar panel systems should always come with a customer-focused warranty.

A quality warranty will cover defects in materials and workmanship, as well as any problems that arise from normal wear and tear. This protection can give you peace of mind in knowing that your solar panel system will continue to perform as expected for years to come.

In the event that something does go wrong, a warranty can also save you money by covering the cost of repairs or replacement. When choosing a solar panel system, be sure to ask about the warranty coverage so that you can make an informed decision.

Enlightened Assurance Plan

Without a reliable warranty, homeowners can be left with the difficult decision to spend large amounts of money to repair or replace system components or abandon their solar installation and return to municipal utilities for energy. Removing panels from the home without replacing them can also result in further costs.

At Enlightened Solar we proudly protect our customers’ investments with the Enlightened Assurance Plan. This is a directly funded, customer-centric warranty that assists in relieving the financial burdens of repairs and replacements for homeowners throughout Orange County.

The major components in every home or commercial solar system (panels and inverters) carry 10-20 year manufacturer warranty periods and protect the purchaser against failure for the life of the system. But should something fail, the labor to investigate and replace the material can be costly.
Warranty options help to offset the costs of repairs or replacements for your home solar system. Instead of having to pay these large sums out of pocket, you are able to continue to receive energy for your home thanks to a timely installation of new, working components.

State Solar Panel Warranty Information

The maintenance cost for equipment warranty claims “should” be covered by state level mandates on contractors to warranty the installation aspects of the system for a minimum duration. But solar installers have a high rate of turnover in the solar industry, and this causes risk and expense for repair should the installing contractor be out of business.

Enlightened Solar understands the risks of offering warranties in an industry that is commonly known for high turnover rates. This is why we have created the Enlightened Assurance plan with your financial protection in mind.

The Enlightened Assurance Plan is included in every solar system contract we facilitate. A dedicated portion of the contract cost is allocated to a FUNDED warranty account to ensure that every potential equipment, labor, and long term maintenance risk is protected with real funds to fix the problem.

Start Your Orange County Solar Installation Project

Deciding to invest in upgrading your home with a high-performing solar panel system is a major investment. Once we have installed your system, we want to help you protect it and maintain its excellent working condition.
All Enlightened Solar installations are backed by the Enlightened Assurance Plan and designed with your home’s beautiful aesthetics in mind. We create solutions that help you increase your energy efficiency, reduce monthly utility expenses, and maintain your property’s excellent curb appeal.

To learn more about our solar panel system installations and the Enlightened Assurance Plan, contact us today to get started.


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