All You Need To Know About Solar Panel Scams


(Source: California Energy Commission)

Are you worried that you could get scammed in your search for a quality solar panel installation?

Scammers are a pain! 

You should always do your due diligence when looking for reliable solar providers because scammers are equally available in the market. The surprising thing is that they pose as professional solar providers. The good news is, there are red flags you can use to assess solar panel scams that come your way.

The idea to adopt renewable energy is positive and of great benefit to society. You get to save on your monthly electric bills and also contribute to environmental conservation. If you apply these tips, you are prone to saving more energy in your home.

Orange County Solar has immensely grown in popularity due to the favorable incentives available in California. The growth and high installation in residential homes have seen many solar companies start businesses offering solar service help. But, unfortunately, it has also seen many solar panel fraudsters dive into the market to confuse genuine and innocent homeowners looking to invest in solar.

Solar panel scams in California can come to you in different ways, such as solar panel phone scams, solar panel lease scams, and solar panel rip-offs in terms of money spent in the process of finding reliable solar.

So, how can solar scams be prevented?

We are going to explore how to avoid solar scammers in the rest of the article. It will help you make the right solid decisions as you go solar.

Let’s examine;

  • Understanding solar panel scams
  • Posing as Government agencies
  • Free replacement offers
  • Quick desires to make a sale
  • Unrealistic low prices
  • Online media
  • Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECS)
  • How to avoid scammers

Understanding Solar Panel Scams

Solar panel scams involve imposter solar companies that pretend to be professional installers while indeed they are not. Solar panel fraudsters claim to offer government rebates or give free solar systems. The offers are meant to entice homeowners to invest with them, while the truth is, there is no such benefit. 


(Source: MDPI)

Many homeowners who fall into the trap realize later that what they signed up for, is not what they get. That is why it is essential to do thorough research on solar companies before investing. It would be a significant loss starting all over again to look for reliable solar panel providers after losing money. Therefore, it is better to make the right decision the first time by researching your solar provider!

California is one of the popular states regarding solar investment hence the high alert on solar panel rip-offs. You can note the level at which a company forces its products on you and assess the thin line of genuine sales or scams. Be alert for companies that want you to make quick payments or sign up on their deals as soon as they inform you. 

Here are some of the red flags in solar panel scams that you should look out for:

Posing as Government Agencies

California has excellent solar panel incentives for homeowners who choose to go solar. The government offers rebates and tax incentives. However, there are terms and conditions related to the offer. For example, you will get a tax break or refund if your solar installations cost a certain amount (as specified by the government). 

You will find solar companies telling you that they will offer solar incentives if you hire them. Note that only the government does this, and the solar companies can only guide you on what you are eligible to benefit from. Make sure you check the government website to verify the information that you are told. 

Sometimes solar scammers will pose as government or utility company representatives. These scammers are going to offer you significant discounts or paybacks that don’t exist. If a solar company tells you that you’ll be able to receive tax credit or another form of payment from the government or utility companies, have them show you the research. Be sure that it applies to you, and don’t just take their word for it.

There are genuine companies that can show you why things are priced in certain ways and why you might be eligible for tax breaks. There are also times when discounts and promotions aren’t a scam, but a way to get more value for your money. Finding those companies isn’t too difficult if you look in the right places. First, you’ll want to look for regional businesses that are knowledgeable of the local state. Also, make sure that they have the proper licensing to serve.

Free Replacement Offers

When you are looking to go solar, of course, you want to land the best deals. Unfortunately, solar panel companies and scammers know this, and they craft all the good sales pitches to make you buy.

Another solar panel lease scam that you could encounter while seeking solar service help is the promise that you will get a free solar replacement in case of breakdown. 

Do not fall for it!

Remember, high-value things are not offered for free. It means that the replacement will be shoddy and involve low-quality equipment. A genuine solar panel provider will give you a warranty benefit to help you get high-quality solar maintenance services and replacements.

It is best to spend more at first and get a high-quality solar installation with fewer chances of being faulty in the long run. Also, the scamming companies will not be available if you have a problem; you will begin a cat and mouse chase that is not healthy.

Who wants to keep chasing service providers who are not keeping their word? You deserve better service!

Quick Desire to Make a Sale

Going solar is a significant investment that will save you money. It is a great decision that requires time to do the necessary due diligence. As you make your calls, avoid solar panel phone scams by asking all the right questions. Take note of companies that want you to sign up on the same day. They want you to sign, and getting out will be hard because you’ll have committed your time and money.

A good and reliable solar company should feed you with more resources and give you time to decide what is best for you. In addition, they should be willing to take the journey with you by assessing your home for more advice on what best suits you.

When you reach out to a solar panel provider for solar service help, their mission should be to educate you before getting you to sign up. If you notice that the company you are dealing with is on your neck to buy, step back and take time before deciding.


(Source: SEIA)

Unrealistic Low Prices

Usually, the initial monetary investment towards installing a solar system is huge. Therefore, you will find most homeowners looking for discounted prices to save some money. Unfortunately, a scam may discover you through companies that present unrealistic low prices. They will use this and pressure you to purchase as quickly as possible. They may even tell you that it is valid while supplies last! Avoid these common mistakes that will land you in trouble.

We’ve noted that these companies cannot fulfill a high-quality job. The less you pay, the lower the quality of installation you will get a lot of times. They may give you over the top promises and deliver less or not show up at all. 

To save yourself from this, make sure you research the average cost of investing in Orange County Solar. You will find a rough estimate to work with and be able to draw the line with scammers. 

Online Media

Not every company you find online is legit!

Social media brought in a loophole for scammers to thrive. It is therefore prudent that you do not make haste decisions. Given that there is no proper vetting in the social media streets, scammers can brand themselves as authentic, and before you know it, you’ll have lost money. 

Anyone can advertise and boost their pages on social media. They will extort information and money, promising you good deals while indeed there is no deal. You must check on the reviews on their platform to see what previous clients have said.

Also, make sure you look at the engagement in their platform. Do not give personal information that may be used against you by scammers. Finally, trust your gut! If it doesn’t feel right, it’s not right, and don’t do it.

Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECS)

SREC covers a percentage of the electric bills for homeowners with solar panels. When a solar company tells you that they can provide SRECs, it’s a scam! Avoid it as soon as possible. 

Remember that investing in solar energy will save you from hefty electric bills.

So, how do you prevent solar panel scams?

After reading the guide on identifying the scams, you may wonder how to prevent them?

Let’s see how;

How to Avoid Solar Scammers

The primary way to avoid solar panel scams in California is to do a ton of research before hiring a solar company. Also, get to the source by independently contacting the organization. If you cannot access them, don’t go any further, they are not worth it!

If you’re going to avoid a solar scam, you first have to identify it as a scam. Like any other scam, solar cons can sometimes be challenging to remember, so the key is to know and understand the tactics that reputable and not so reputable companies use to sell their products. You need to have a checklist on how to assess that a company is genuine. It will save you time and energy.

Go online and assess the credibility of the company through testimonials given. If you have met a salesperson physically, make sure you ask probing questions that will leave you convinced about their services. 

Further, you can inquire about other clients that have benefitted from their services for review. It is usual for a salesperson to be pushy on the sale, but be firm on getting all your concerns addressed. 

Ready to reap the rewards of going solar? There you have it. Do not get scammed!

Going solar is a significant investment! However, you should do it right and avoid solar panel rip-offs. Do not be duped along the way by solar panel scammers. Solar energy is meant to save you money and also contribute to the enhancement of a clean environment. After spending a lot of money to buy and install, you deserve to enjoy the benefits that come with solar.

You need to be able to call out illegal solar companies that are in the business of doing solar panel lease scams to genuine buyers.

There are other ways that companies can scam you out of your money. To make sure you avoid solar panel phone scams, with salespeople who force you to make decisions. Keep an eye out for inconsistent companies that are in the business only for the money. While there are solar panel scams in California out there, do not give up on the value that a solar system brings to your home.

Be aware of solar panel fraudsters who want to leave you stranded. Look for a solar company that will walk with you every step of the way by offering you solar service help. Let them be open to guiding you on how to avoid solar scammers. 

In your search for a reliable solar installation company, contact Enlightened Solar. We understand the value of trust and transparency. Orange county solar is our core business. We have helped many successful homeowners go solar, and they can attest to the great benefits.

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