All You Need To Know About Solar Panel Repairs and Maintenance



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Are you sick and tired of the long solar repair process that you have been experiencing? 

Are you wondering what causes solar panels damage and if there are quick and effective ways to get your solar panels repaired? 

Just how long does the solar repair take? If you have been looking for the answers to these, then;

This article is for you! 

As a homeowner, you can quickly recognize a faulty solar panel. If you are keen on monitoring your solar efficiency, you will notice when the efficiency of the solar panels goes down. Your installation provider can attend to you and fix the faults after assessing the situation. 

Sometimes, the solar panel needs new inverters to improve its efficiency. However, with proper solar maintenance, your solar panel should be able to serve you for over two decades. 

When you invest in solar power, you realize it’s the most efficient form of renewable energy for your home and the environment. However, to sustain the efficiency, you will need to quickly do solar power repairs in case of any hiccups that may arise.  

Ignoring a damaged solar panel that may need serious repair or replacement may cause more significant future problems. So, how do you tell there is a need for solar power repair?

It may be hard for you to differentiate solar panel servicing or a solar panel glass replacement as a homeowner. Therefore, you need to call a professional solar dealer to assess the situation and advise on the best solution.

Such professionals like Enlightened Solar, one of the reliable solar panel installation companies in California. So, if you have been wondering how to repair broken solar panels, then worry no more because we have the remedy to your situation.

At Enlightened Solar, we have served Orange County solar repair and maintenance customers, and we know the problems and solutions that our clients need. In this article, we are going to discuss the solar repair process and how long it takes.

By the end of the article, you will have the information needed for this type of situation, and you will not be stressed when your solar efficiency goes down.

Here is what we will examine:

Common Problems that Call for Solar Repair

  • Hot-spots and Micro-crack
  • Old or Outdated Solar Panels
  • Faulty Cable Connections
  • Faulty Connecting Sockets
  • Solution for Faulty Solar Panels
  • How long does the repair take?
  • Contact your solar installation provider.
  • Four steps to an effective solar panel repair.

Common Problems that Call for Solar Repair 



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  • Hot Spots or Micro-cracks

When you experience a faulty solar panel, it is often the solar cells that are the main problem. Hot spots or micro-fractures cause these issues. However, you may find that the panel lamination, the waterproofing, and the frame, are intact and in good shape. 

Only solar repair experts can be able to figure out the internal problems within the solar panel. 

However, they will guide you through how to identify what is needed for the solar power repair

Poor installation of the solar system can also be a factor contributing to the faulty issues. That is why you need to fully assess your solar installation company before you sign a deal to begin a solar project. Proper solar installation will largely contribute to the efficiency and durability of your solar panels. In addition, you will need minimal solar panel servicing over time if the installation is done correctly. Therefore, hire the best premium solar installation services. 

If you have your solar panels mounted on the roof, ensure that you check and clean them often. Clogging of dirt could contribute to loss of output, causing inefficiency.

  • Old and Outdated Solar Panels

If your solar panels are old and outdated, you could run into many issues both servicing and replacing them. In case of any damage, it will be hard to find companies willing to go out of their way to repair them since they are not a commonly seen product. This is especially the case when the documentation is not available and evident. So, the solar panels could be off the market and could be hard to repair. 

What do you do in such a case?

Repairing is an option for older panels that are no longer for sale. Solar panel companies specializing in repairing solar panels can produce small runs of practically any panel. However, solar repair may only be viable starting at a certain amount, considering the financials such as manual labor and experience. If you have such an issue, contact us at Enlightened Solar for advice and a review on how best to assist you. 

If you want to go solar in Orange County, we will guide you on the best solar panels and provide quality installation services that come with a warranty. The warranty means that we will be doing solar maintenance for your faulty solar panels when need be. Visit our website to learn more about Enlightened Solar. 

  • Faulty Cable Connections

Solar power installation companies can successfully commission solar repairs to clients. However, you should also note that not all solar companies are reliable. We know of many clients who were frustrated by middlemen and thus giving up on solar power because they were not going to be provided the best service.

Enlightened Solar started to fill this gap with trust and remarkable service. We understand that solar panels could be faulty, and it is our responsibility to repair them. 

So, what could cause faulty cable connections?

Solar panel cables could develop faults because there could be rodents living near the installation that begin to chew on the cables. They could chew on the wires because they love to eat the soft rubber of the panel connectors. The technician often removes each panel and keeps it on a transport pallet when it comes to repairing. The repair is efficient when the technician handles one order at a time. 

The status of each order is tracked continuously. At first, panels go through cleaning, are tested in the flasher unit, and any damage is documented. The solar power installation provider then quotes the repair of faulty connectors or other defects, including damage to the back sheets. Some damage will turn out to be beyond repair, in which case they will put together a calculation for replicating these solar panels.

Can a warranty cover these faults?

A warranty from the solar company and the installation company is essential. Depending on the panel’s damage, the warranty will explain the liability you can claim either to the solar company or the installation provider. 

A warranty is cheaper for you as a homeowner because you will save on costs. Thus, a quality assessment is essential before going solar. Although homeowners make many mistakes due to lack of knowledge, do not make these same mistakes! 

  • Faulty Connecting Sockets

Defective sockets are one of the main repair calls that we get. Most of the time, it is often a production fault where the warrantor has, in the meantime, fallen into insolvency.

For defective sockets, a replacement can be ordered and installed. The sockets are affordable and therefore making it easy to do an entire replacement of the sockets.  

The connecting sockets could also suffer from corrosion. It raises the internal resistance of the socket, which then becomes hot. It, in turn, causes the plastic to melt and noticeably deform.

In addition, humidity and salt in the air in coastal regions can stimulate corrosion. Faulty connecting sockets can be a massive problem, affecting thousands of panels rather than just a handful. 

Solutions for Faulty Solar Panels

When you have a faulty solar panel that calls for repair, you should report this to your solar provider. It may often be better for the installation company to overhaul a faulty panel because, depending on the contract, they might be required to pay out a particular residual claim, which they had guaranteed. If the panels are no longer for sale, the only options are repairing and replicating. Repairs are usually less expensive.

Whether it was lightning strikes or a damaged frame, there are various ways to restore or replace faulty panels. These ways include;

  • Solar panel cleaning and measuring to determine voltage, current, and output
  • High-voltage test performance
  • Commission and professional packaging 
  • Replacement of defective frames and connectors
  • Repairing faulty soldering, diodes, as well as wires, connectors, and sockets
  • Repair of damaged back sheets



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How Long Do Solar Panel Repairs Take?

As a homeowner and customer, you have a right to have your solar power restored to its efficiency point. Repairs are usually complete within two or three weeks. Repaired panels have a two-year warranty. 

You will also find that glass damage is more complicated. For broken glass, there will be a need for solar panel glass replacement. The experts will check that the solar cells are not damaged before repairing them.

The repair will take about two to three weeks, making sure that everything goes back to normal.

Contacting Your Solar Installation Provider

In the event of damage, it is worth it to contact your solar installation company. They will permanently repair any damage safely and cost-effectively. 

Your solar installation company will respond and assess the damage. They will then advise you whether it is easier to repair or to replace. It is economical to specifically take the affected panels off the roof to improve them manually. Do not take action unless instructed by your solar provider. 

Four Steps to an Effective Solar Repair Process 


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So, after identifying a defect in your solar system, the first thing is to notify your solar provider

What do they do next?

Here are four steps to an effective solar panel repair process.

  • Thorough Inspection

Your expert solar technician will inspect all your solar panels. First, they will be examining the aesthetics, electronics, inverters, and functionality during your daily use. After that, they will give you an outline of the results from the inspection.  

  • Serious Assessment

Your solar technicians, who are primarily from your installation company, will then do a thorough assessment. Usually, we look at the solar panels’ overall condition and see the costs it will need to be repaired. 

The cost estimates increase or decrease depending on the available local prices and labor. However, if your warranty covers the repairs, well done, you will save a lot of money.

  • Monitoring of the Solar Power Efficiency

After the solar panel repairs, the technicians will monitor the performance of the solar system. They will check on the diagnostics and repair any issues that arise. If it’s good, then you are good to go. 

  • Mechanical Component Inspections

There are mechanical parts that affect the solar panels. Your installation and repair company should be able to resolve, monitor, and diagnose these issues too.

What to Do With Damaged Solar Panels

Before going solar, most clients want to know the value of a solar panel in terms of durability. Despite the solar repair situations, you should not be discouraged. Solar power repairs do not mean that your solar panel is of low quality or that there are bigger issues. Sometimes repairs are inevitable. 

There are solutions on how to repair broken solar panels. However, for proper efficiency, you will need regular solar maintenance. These include solar panel servicing to ensure that it functions at optimal performance levels 

You need to constantly check on the solar panels to make sure they are safe from glass breakage. Note that the tree branches could fall and break glass, leading to water leakage damaging the cells. Ensure that solar glass replacement is done as soon as possible in case of any cracks.  

Enlightened Solar has served solar clients in Orange County for a long time. We have built trust through our excellent customer service and transparent transactions. We will not let you make bad decisions. That is why we listen and advise on the best mechanisms for solar installation and repairs. 

We engage with our customers during solar power repairs, and they get restored access. So, be sure to contact us today for the best solar installation and repair services in California.