Do Solar Panels Require Maintenance: What You Should Know as a Homeowner


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How Do You Maintain Solar Panels?

Do you understand what you are supposed to do in regards to your solar panel maintenance?

Do you know that with proper solar panel maintenance, your solar power efficiency will be at an all-time high?

Solar panel investment is the best decision that you can make as a homeowner. There are many advantages associated with solar power that you can read here

On the other hand, a lot of clients have zero knowledge of solar panel maintenance. Therefore, there is a need for continuous maintenance to ensure that the system maintains its efficiency.

Do Solar Panels Need Maintenance? 

This question comes as a shock to our clients at Enlightened Solar. After successful installation of your solar panels, you will need occasional solar checks to confirm the need for solar panel servicing

Solar energy service does not take long, and it’s an easy process. Tilted solar panels on the roof are good as the clutter accumulated will be drawn away by the wind or rain. When you experience the dry season, it is necessary to do a solar panel inspection. You can call the solar installation company that is eligible to give you a solar panel cleaning service 2-4 times a year as recommended. You are eligible for affordable or accessible services, especially if you have signed a warranty agreement.

Maintenance of solar panels costs are minimal because it’s an activity you can perform at home. However, you need to be very careful when cleaning the solar panels. The system comprises tempered glass, which may break if mishandled. 

At Enlightened Solar, we have completed many installations for homes wanting solar energy in Orange County. Unfortunately, some homeowners mishandle their solar panels and call in when the damage is irreversible, which creates the need to replace the solar panels. 

How Often Do Solar Panels Need to be Replaced? 

Note that a solar system can serve you for more than 20 years. With proper maintenance and servicing, you will have a smooth ride and this could even be extended.

In this article, we will cover the following:

Solar Panel Maintenance Questions

  • Do solar panels require maintenance?
  • How to maintain solar panels?
  • Roof panel vs. ground panel maintenance
  • How to tell if your solar panels need maintenance
  • Solar maintenance costs and warranty
  • The effect of weather on your solar panels
  • Monitoring the efficiency of your solar panels
  • How often do solar panels need to be replaced?

This article will answer all the questions you have on how, when, and how long solar panels maintenance takes. 

Do Solar Panels Require Maintenance?

Yes, Solar panel maintenance is a necessity for solar energy efficiency. However, you should note that there is very little maintenance needed for the proper functioning of the solar panels. Solar panels need constant light cleaning to ensure that dirt, leaves, and other particles do not hinder sunlight access. 

You may need to do solar checks during the heavy snow season due to the snow cover, which lowers solar energy. Solar energy service contributes to the long life span of your solar panel. Let us see how exactly you should maintain your solar panel. 

  • How to Maintain Solar Panels

During installation, it is advisable to have your solar panels tilted. Why? Because when there is rain, it will help wash away all the particles and dirt accumulated on the solar panel. It will give you less work in regard to manual solar panel cleaning. 

You will need more of the manual solar panel cleaning services in the dryer seasons of the year. You should clean solar panels two to four times a year. The best thing about this is that the work is minimal. A leaf blower often works well for cleaning off the dust on the units.

However, your solar installation company should be able to give you a service warranty. It will enable you to relax as they handle your solar servicing

Our main goal at Enlightened Solar is to give our clients premium services. We fill the gap homeowners had been craving for a long time after years of getting low-quality services. In addition, we have a warranty that builds a relationship with our clients throughout the years. 

We perform solar panel inspections to check if any mishaps may hinder the proper efficiency of your solar panels. As you do your solar maintenance in the winter, it is necessary to note that hot water is harmful to the solar. Ensure that you have lukewarm water when cleaning solar panels during the winter.

The reason to not use hot water is that solar panels are made of tempered glass. Therefore, the difference in temperatures between hot water and cold solar panels can easily break them.

  • Roof Panel vs. Ground Panel Maintenance

Maintenance is the same when you have mounted the solar panels, whether on the roof or the ground. Note that roof panels are preferred due to the easier accessibility to the sun rays compared to the ground.

The main difference in the maintenance is that the ground solar panels are easily accessible to you as the homeowner. Therefore, you will find it easy to clean and note any technical problems that need an expert. 

When you notice a build-up of dust or leaves piling on top of the solar panels, you should quickly sweep it off with a broom. However, the roof panels will be hard to access because you will need a ladder while still ensuring safety from any injuries.


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Therefore, it is up to you to decide the placement of your solar panels during installation. Your solar panels’ installation company will also be able to advise you on the best arrangement. Note that we do not look at maintenance accessibility as the main factor. For example, if your area has many trees that may shade the solar panel, we shall consider placing the units at the highest point where there is direct sunlight.

Remember that you want to have enough energy for your home use at the end of the day.

  • How to Tell if Your Solar Panels Need Maintenance


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We understand that, as a homeowner, you do not know everything about the proper care of solar panels. That is why there are professional companies like Enlightened Solar that put your needs first. 

A lot of our clients ask?

‘How do I know that my solar panel needs maintenance?’.

Do not worry. During your occasional solar checks, you will notice if the panel has damages or dirt. A solar system with a malfunction often leaves a trail of breadcrumbs in the energy output stats. Another way is to monitor your electric bill, the system software, or install a solar monitoring system.

When you pay attention to the changes in production, you will identify the negative issues and call in your solar company for maintenance. 

  • Solar Maintenance Costs and Warranty

The solar panel maintenance cost can vary greatly depending on each solar provider. Again, it is because system installations are custom-made for the unique energy needs of each homeowner.

A lot of homeowners in California have been duped by middlemen as they installed solar. You find that you get low installation costs but no warranty for future maintenance services that you may need. 


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Make sure that you do not make this mistake as you buy solar. When hiring a solar installation service, you must do your due diligence on the installation company. A good company should be able to give you a solar panel warranty before you go solar. 

The reason this is important is that;

If your solar panel’s efficiency starts to go down, you will be able to call a professional solar service provider for maintenance.

Maintenance of solar panels costs can be high if there is no warranty associated with it. Therefore, do not be attracted to the low installation costs because you will spend much more on the maintenance of the solar panels.

An efficient solar company will give you a 20 to 25 year warranty, guaranteeing an energy efficiency of 85% and above.

  • The Effect of Weather on Your Solar Panels

As you may have noticed above, solar panels are built with durability in mind. High-quality solar panel installations give your PV systems the energy to overcome all kinds of harsh weather.

Enlightened Solar assures you of quality installations that will withstand any weather and strong winds. Our specialization in Orange County solar installations has given us good experience with our many years serving residential homes. 

A great solar panel should be able to withstand hail storms and strong winds. On the other hand, on rare occasions, lightning or tornadoes can damage solar panels. However, it should not worry you, especially if you have a warranty or homeowners insurance.

The warranty will have your solar panel repaired or replaced if the damage is too great and affects the proper functioning of the solar panels. Most of the time, solar panels are damaged by extreme heat over 100 degrees. It may sound ironic, but the solar panel may lose efficiency. 

When this occurs, it is necessary to lift the panels an inch higher, allowing for air circulation that cools them down.

  • Monitoring the Efficiency of your Solar Panels

To track the efficiency of your solar panels, you can follow your efficiency using a solar panel monitoring system. You will know how much energy is produced on any day and over a longer period of time. 

In doing so, you will note the effect of external factors on your solar panel performance. The solar monitoring system will give you an alert if the panel breaks or is malfunctioning. In addition, it will provide you with a chance to call a professional for repair or replacement. 

  • How Often do Solar Panels Need to be Replaced?

If your solar panels get damaged that calls for repair or replacement, it is necessary to call in a professional. Your solar installation company will guide you if your solar panels are losing efficiency. 

Upon your call, the solar provider will send someone to assess the situation to fix the problem or replace the solar panels. If your solar panels have physical damage, you need to determine coverage in the warranty.

Do not attempt to fix the damages yourself unless you have experience with residential solar systems. Instead, contact us at Enlightened Solar; we are your go-to solar company in Orange County. 

Finally, you have all the information on solar panel maintenance. Don’t get stuck with a damaged system.

Solar panel maintenance is easy. All you need to do is ensure that you engage with a premium solar panel installation company like Enlightened Solar for your solar energy service. Be sure to get a good warranty that will help you lower your maintenance of solar panels cost. The solar company will be responsible for your solar checks and also do solar servicing when need be. 

In general, for dust and leaves, you do not need to call in a solar panel cleaning service. You can quickly sweep it away. However, you should contact your solar company for critical damages and they will come out and do a solar inspection to assess the problem.

Enlightened Solar has been serving solar installations in Orange County and helping residential owners save energy. How to save money on electric bills is the primary concern for homeowners in California.

We offer premium services while building trust with our clients. 

Go solar today. Let us install your solar panels and provide you with a premium warranty that allows us to maintain your solar panels. Learn more about Enlightened Solar and contact us today.