How to Vet the Best Solar Maintenance Pros



Are you worried that the efficiency of your solar panels will go down with time? 

Are you willing to do what it takes to enhance efficiency?

You should know that solar panel maintenance is a basic need for your solar panels. 

Why so?

It maintains efficiency and contributes to the durability of the system. 

Solar panel repair and maintenance is not a challenging task. However, it should be well explained by your solar service provider. Usually, your solar installation company will be available in case you need solar service help

As a residential owner, you should know the advantages of solar maintenance, what solar panel servicing entails, and how you can vet professionals to do your solar systems repairs.

Relax, because in this article we are going to cover all the details. By the end of this article, you should be able to know how to spot the solar maintenance pros. Enlightened Solar aims to serve residents and promote solar efforts in Orange County through our high-quality installation services. 

Most of our clients are unaware that more maintenance work is awaiting them after switching to solar energy. Let us explain all of it in the article and touch on the necessary solar panel cleaning services that can help increase the efficiency of your panels. Then we will get into how to vet professionals at the bottom of the article.

Let’s Take a Look:

  • What does solar panel maintenance entail
  • Roof panels vs. ground panels
  • Ensure you have a warranty
  • Impact of weather on the solar panel
  • Monitoring the efficiency of the solar panel
  • At what point do I repair or replace my solar panel?
  • Advantages of solar maintenance
  • Vetting solar panel maintenance professionals

What Does Solar Panel Maintenance Entail?

Solar panel maintenance is not an overly complicated task. Instead, it requires very minimal effort to do solar panel repair and maintenance assuming that the system has been maintained. The main job involves cleaning dust and dirt particles, such as leaves, that could block the sun’s rays. 

If your region experiences heavy snow, then the winter season always calls for extensive maintenance. The goal is to ensure that your energy output does not decrease with time. 

So, how do you maintain solar panels?

If you have placed your solar panel on the roof and tilted it, this is an advantage.

“How?”, you may ask.

When it rains, the dust and particles will be washed away by the rain, giving you an easier time when maintaining your panels. You will not have to seek a solar panel cleaning service for these instances. During winter, make sure to use lukewarm water so that you do not break the glass top. 


(Source: Quote.Com)

The panels are made of tempered glass, and the extreme temperature disparity between hot water and cold panels can crack them. It is, however, essential for you to clean the panels manually during the dry season. If you cannot reach the rooftop or do not know how to do it, seek solar service help from a professional.  

Roof Panels vs Ground Panels

Homeowners are always concerned if there is a difference in cleaning the solar panel on the roof or on the ground. The only difference is that the solar panel on the ground is much more accessible. So, you can easily clean it as part of your daily chores. The one on the roof needs a lot of technical support to get there and safety should always be a concern. Unless you are a skilled professional, it is always wise to let a service professional access the panels on the roof.

Ensure You Have a Warranty

There is a standard warranty that comes with solar panels. However, before you engage with a professional solar panel installation company, ensure that you are familiar with their terms and conditions. 

A reliable solar panels professional should be able to offer up to twenty years of warranty and guarantee that your panels’ energy production remains at 85% or above for that entire time. In addition, it means that they will be available in case you require solar system repairs

If your solar panels’ efficiency does start to decrease, you’ll need professional maintenance that can potentially cost you thousands of dollars over the years. The warranty will save you time and money. We shall discuss further how to vet a solar maintenance professional. Keep reading.

Impact of Weather on the Solar Panel

The solar panels are solid in withstanding different kinds of weather. They are made considering all the factors that could damage it. Solar panels can survive hurricanes, intense hail, rain, and heavy snow.

However, on rare occasions, it can be damaged. Therefore, it is something that you should prepare. As discussed above, having a warranty will save you the costs of repair. You will get your solar panel repaired or replaced.

On the other hand, high temperatures could contribute to the loss of energy efficiency of the solar panels. You can counter this by elevating the panel a few inches above the roof or ground to allow air circulation, maintaining energy production. 

Monitoring the Efficiency of the Solar Panels

As a homeowner, if you can monitor the efficiency of your solar panel, you will have the upper hand in detecting when it needs solar panel servicing. 

How do you monitor the efficiency of the panel?

It is efficient to use a solar monitoring system. With these, you will be able to track how much energy your solar panels produce daily. In addition, it will allow you to track when the energy production goes from low to high depending on various factors. 

Therefore, you will note how external factors can affect your solar panel’s performance. The monitoring system will also alert you if a panel breaks or malfunctions so that you can repair or replace it.

At What Point Do I Repair or Replace my Solar Panel?

When you have a damaged solar panel that needs repair, it is best to seek the services of a professional. Mostly, if your solar energy efficiency decreases day by day, it will call for a replacement. It is under a performance output warranty given by your solar company. 

A professional will assess the situation and either fix the problem or replace the panels. On the other hand, if your solar panels have sustained physical damage, that’s often covered under a separate equipment warranty or your homeowners’ insurance. 

It is essential to determine if and how your panels are covered for damage and whom to call to file a claim. Do not install solar panels or make repairs yourself unless you have experience with home solar systems.

Now that we know the maintenance based on solar needs, let’s see the advantages of solar maintenance.

Advantages of Solar Maintenance


(Source: PV Magazine)

It Improves Solar Panel Efficiency

The invention and adoption of solar panels were designed to give homeowners an affordable way of producing energy. It gives you a 3kW system reducing electricity bills by around 65% while adding value to your property

The efficiency of your system can reduce drastically by 20% if your solar panels are dirty. The build-up of dirt makes it difficult for your solar panels to absorb sunlight correctly, which means that the system runs less efficiently.

If you choose to have them professionally maintained, they will remove any dirt and grime from the system’s surface. That can lead to an increase in efficiency of as much as 21%. 

It highlights just how much of an impact having them maintained can have on the system’s efficiency. However, it is not just dirt and grime that cause problems because other common issues such as no power or low voltage can also render your system less efficient.

Early Problems Identification Early and Safety Remains a High Priority

Solar panel problems and damages can occur at any time, but solar panel maintenance can help identify issues before they occur. Fixing a problem before it becomes a significant problem can save you money on the repair, and it will ensure your system continues to work. Maintenance is also required to help reduce fires because faulty inverters and wiring connectors can all cause problems.

Through regular servicing, you can maintain a high level of safety because a professional will check all-electric components while searching for signs of damage from water and even corrosion. Enlightened Solar ensures that clients are well informed before the installation of solar panels. We have served solar customers in Orange County and transformed homes hence reviving the passion of going solar!

Cleaning Increases Energy Absorption and Production.

Your solar panels need to be exposed to sunlight to produce power. However, solar panel cleaning is generally unnecessary unless you live somewhere with high amounts of smog, dust, dirt, or sand blowing around. In most cases, occasional rain will be enough to naturally and safely keep your solar panels clean and free of debris that could lower production.

You will need to engage with a professional solar company that understands your needs to do all this. In addition, it should guide you and give you knowledge of available incentives and rebates in your region.

Enlightened Solar has been able to niche into solar installation. In addition, we give a warranty that will serve you for over ten years. So, how do you vet solar maintenance pros in the industry?

Vetting Solar Panel Maintenance Professionals

Make Sure the Company is Licensed

Licensing gives you the credibility to do your job. It will show you that they are professionals who are verified to provide solar services. Whether the contractor themselves works on your project or outsources it to a subcontractor, in both cases, make sure that they are permitted and have a valid license.

Warranty Provision

Before committing to a solar company, ensure that the terms of service include a warranty. Investing in a solar system means that you are in for the long term. Despite the durability of solar panels, they are prone to damage and will constantly need maintenance. 

Therefore, having a warranty will keep you safe and also save you money. If the service providers do not have a warranty, it’s best to avoid their services. 

Knowledge of the Possible Damages

A good professional solar provider will be open about the damages that may occur. They will also give you the knowledge on basic maintenance processes that you can do at home. 

On the other hand, some damages call for professional help, and that’s where they come in. They should be open to attending to you. Make sure that it is in the contract.

When Enlightened Solar started serving Orange County, many homeowners engaged with brokers posing as solar professionals. As a result, they got low-quality installations that were damaged after a short time. To make the matter worse, the brokers were nowhere for repair services. Therefore, this caused a lot of mistrust, and it has taken us a long time to build trust and credibility through our transparent services. 

Ability to Do an Assessment and Give a Report

When you have a damaged solar panel that needs repair, you should report it immediately to your solar provider. They should be able to come to your home and do an assessment of the damage.

It will help them in analyzing the needed repair. If they do not do this, it is most likely they will fail you over time.

Solar panel servicing is vital for the efficiency of your system. Make sure that you have a quick guide on solar panel repair and maintenance. With the above information, you are able to note the possible solar repairs and the causes of the damage.

Enlightened Solar is a credible solar installation company that has served most residential homes going solar in Orange County. However, homeowners who initially came seeking solar service help were disappointed by services given by other companies. 

Further, our warranty gives you ease of mind on solar maintenance. We do this through the warranty period that allows us to attend to all your solar system repairs. The services range from solar panel maintenance, and also solar panel cleaning services.

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