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Enhance Your Residential Property with Expert Solar Panel design

We founded Enlightened Solar on the belief that solar panels could complement the aesthetics of your beautiful home. We were tired of driving around and seeing properties’ curb appeal ruined by unsightly installations.

Solar design is an art form. Cookie-cutter installations will not contribute to the beauty of your home and may not be the most efficient. Instead, having a custom solution not only looks better, but it also positions you to generate the most energy possible for your home.

Expert Solar Panel design
Expert Solar Panel design
Expert Solar Panel design

Our Approach

As a hardworking homeowner, your solar panel’s performance shouldn’t compromise the aesthetics of your living space. When we design a solar system for your property, we take into account the unique shape of your home and create an installation plan that complements it rather than obscures it.
Some key factors we account for when designing your residential solar installation:

  • The unique shape of your roof
  • Dimensions of specific roof segments
  • Tiered roofing structures
  • Curb visibility
  • Lot size
  • Surrounding trees and other shade sources
  • Wire placement

You shouldn’t have to settle for blocky, oversized installations that can ruin the look of your property. Instead, we view your home as a work of art and our solar systems as a brushstroke for your masterpiece. Each design we create is completely customized to integrate with the shape of your home.

Performance Meets Aesthetics

Designing powerful AND beautiful solar systems takes expertise, experience, and a desire to leave a legacy of beautifully integrated home power systems. Not only will we account for the aesthetic design of your home, but we will also position your solar system to operate as efficiently as possible.

The Right Orange County Solar Team for Your Property

The Enlightened Solar team has decades of experience working with city code requirements. This enables our design professionals to optimize your roof space, minimize street-level visibility, and maximize the performance of the installed solar modules.

Get a Custom Solar Design and Installation Today

Are you looking to install a solar system on your home or upgrade your existing one? Let our team provide you with a customized solar panel design for your unique property. To get started, request a quote here or fill out the form below.

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