Should I Invest in Portable Solar Panels? Here is all you need to know


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Are you confused about which kind of solar panels you should invest in for your home? Are you deciding between portable vs. fixed solar panels for your home?

The answer is; it is okay to have portable solar panels on your home. 

If you have been deliberating whether to install a portable solar system or a mounted one, you need to read this article. 

However, that depends on the level of energy consumption you are looking to achieve. If you have substantial energy needs that consume a lot of electricity, the portable solar panel may not serve your home needs.

Portable solar panels for homes are the easy solution to energy generation. They are small-portable solar panels that are simple to install and carried from one place to another. Imagine taking along your solar panel while on a trip or camping?

Just like a mounted solar panel, portable panels convert sunlight into electricity. They are also made up of cells that contain thin layers of silicon. In addition, they are made up of different sizes, such as portable folding solar panels that can fit in the car. 

So, How Do Portable Solar Panels Work?


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Just like fixed solar panels, portable panels are made of silicon layers. When the sun hits the panel, photons release, creating an electric field in each silicon cell. In addition, there are metallic strips attached to the solar panel that help send the power to the grid. A charge controller then regulates the output of the power while generated power is stored in the inverter. You can get up to 100w portable solar panels. 

Many homeowners looking to invest in solar power in Orange County wonder whether the portable solar panels are as good of an option as the mounted panels. 

The answer is, it depends on how big your home is and how much energy you need to produce. 

The portable solar panels are made of waterproof kits that prevent water damage. They are noise-free, giving you the serenity that you require. Most homeowners think that portable solar panels will not have a reliable energy supply. On the contrary, you are also assured of consistent and reliable power because it makes good use of the sun.

In addition, the portable solar panels come with a kit that has tools such as a stand, storage case, cable, charge controller, inverter, and battery. Thus, portable solar panels are power devices on the move. 

This article will tell you all you need to know about portable solar panels, the benefits, and why you should invest in them.

Let’s examine; 

  • What is the Cost of Portable Solar Panels?
  • Do Portable Solar Panels Last?
  • How Much Energy do Portable Solar Panels Produce?
  • Benefits of Portable Solar Panels
  • What to Consider When Buying Portable Solar Panels

What is the Cost of Portable Solar Panels?

Portable solar panels vary in price. The difference comes in terms of the panel wattage. Note that the higher the watts of the panel, the cheaper it gets per watt. Thus, it holds the concept of bulk shopping, where the more you buy, the cheaper it becomes. 

For example; You will find that solar panels featuring 10 watts and below cost $100 while 50watts and above cost $500. As discussed earlier, you will get the portable board with a kit consisting of an inverter, charger, and other accessories. The kit ranges from $100 to $1000.

Do Portable Solar Panels Last?

As a homeowner, getting a long-lasting solar system is the end goal. Did you know that a solar system has a lifespan of over 25 years? 

Yes, you should engage with high-quality and professional solar providers to install a high-quality system. Due to the mobile nature of portable solar panels, they have a lifespan of about 20-25 years. You can estimate this by looking at the warranty period. Heck! You can even get a warranty of 30 years. That means that after the warranty period, it will not produce the usual energy output. 

The lifespan of solar panels is not affected by their daily functioning, but rather the exposure to harsh environments.

So, do portable solar panels provide much energy?

Let’s find out;

How Much Energy Do Portable Solar Panels Produce?

Portable solar panels rely on wattage for their energy output. It means that a 5watt solar panel will produce lower energy compared to a 100watt solar panel considering the same environment and sunshine exposure.

Therefore, before you purchase a solar panel, make sure you check the wattage rating. It will help you calculate your wattage needs hence making a sound decision for purchase. 

Benefits of Portable Solar Panels

There are many different solar panels available on the market. These are according to your budget and preference as well as the energy needs in your home. Portable solar panels for homes are recommended for minimal energy needs or as backup. You should also apply some energy-saving tips in your home to ensure that you maximally utilize the energy produced.

The panels are a bit smaller than the mounted solar panels hence the disparity in energy production. Portable solar panels can produce up to 100 watts. 

While looking to invest in portable solar panels, you should note that they can never outperform the residential mounted solar panel systems. However, some benefits come with portable solar panels as compared to the traditional options. 

Here is why you should invest in portable solar panels

  • Low-cost Investment

A debate ensues when you want to make a solar panels investment decision. The main one being fixed vs portable solar panels for your home. One of the main benefits is that portable solar panels are a low-cost way of benefiting from solar energy. You should note that portable panels are reliable in providing power to smaller appliances. If you do not have substantial energy needs in your home, then the portable panels will be good for you. 

In addition, you will be able to move the panels to where they can access good sunlight. Also, portable solar panels are an excellent way to use natural energy for your on-the-go needs such as camping and hiking.

Portable folding solar panels come with a chargeable controller and USB ports to enable you to charge your devices. 

  • There Will be No Drilling of Holes on your Roof

Portable solar panels give you the ease of installation even without much experience, unlike the mounted panels that you need to get a solar installer. The ease of installation comes from its ability to be placed anywhere in the compound. Therefore, your roof will stay intact, and no drilling of holes will be necessary. 

  • Easy Solar Panel Maintenance

With the mounted solar panels on the rooftop, they will require you to seek solar service help when you want to clean them. The portable solar panels give you ease of access without having to climb up the ladder.



What to Consider When Buying Portable Solar Panels

Since you are now aware of the benefits of having portable solar panels, here is what to consider when purchasing;

  • The size

Depending on your plans at home or while taking a camping trip, the size and portability is a main concern. If it is for home use you may need a bigger size than that for camping and hiking. 

The goal is to make sure your energy needs are served in the most effective way possible. 

  • The Efficiency

An efficient solar panel is every homeowner’s dream. As you look to invest in solar for you Orange County home, getting a portable solar panel that takes up little space is the main goal. The efficiency of your portable solar can be affected by various factors. These include; the environment where it’s placed, and the weather patterns as you take a trip.

Therefore, you must get an efficient portable solar panel to get the best energy output.

Ready to Reap the Rewards of Portable Solar Panels?

Portable solar panels for homes have not been considered by many. However, you have learned that depending on your energy needs, you can confidently invest in one. As a result, you can find up to 100w portable solar panels that are efficient for your home and travel needs. 

Have you realized that you do not have to carry multiple devices while camping or hiking because there is no charging system? The small portable solar panels are very effective.

Portable folding solar panels are efficient because they can be stored even in the smallest spaces. 

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