Why Orange County is a Popular Spot for Solar Panel Installations


(Source: Energy Information Administration)

Have you been looking forward to living in a solar-friendly region?

Did you know that Orange County is the most highly rated city for solar panel investments?

It’s no secret that Orange County is popular for its prolonged sunny days and the great weather that favors solar energy. Therefore, Orange County presents an incredible investment opportunity for solar. 

Investing in solar panels as an alternative in your home’s energy production is an excellent way to save money at the end of the month. You are aware that utility bills are unforeseen burdens that keep recurring and increasing family expenses. Yet, every homeowner who has invested in solar panels in Orange County attests to the immense savings on their electric bills from their solar investments.

Imagine having more sunny days! 

That means that you will use more solar energy in your home, drastically reducing the amount of money you pay for electric bills. You will not be billed for the summer months or your utility bill will be much less. In addition, if you produce more energy, you can sell it back to the grid in the form of rebates on your system.

The benefit of solar installation in Orange County goes beyond saving on your energy consumption. In addition, your home will increase in value, you will reduce the carbon footprint in the country, and you will also reduce your taxes through the tax rebates enjoyed in California.

California has some of the best-rated solar companies, such as Enlightened Solar, where you will get professional services and a great experience when going solar. However, it is essential to hire reliable solar installation companies to get a return on your investment.

When you get professional services, you will be eligible for a warranty covering various maintenance costs. In case you need solar service help, they will be available on call. Unlike the solar brokers who promise heaven but deliver the bare minimum. Beware!

Note that solar panels need continuous maintenance services. 

We will discuss this and more on why Orange County is a popular spot for solar installation;

Here’s what we’re going to cover:

  • Why you should go solar
  • Is solar power worth it in Orange County
  • Enjoy Solar Tax Credit and Rebates
  • Orange County has the best climate all year round
  • You increase your property value
  • Orange County Supports the long-term benefits of renewable Energy

Why you Should Go Solar

Going solar is a great way to harness the power of the sun and reuse it for your home’s energy. There is a lot of sun here in Orange County. Utility companies continue to increase electric costs. Therefore, having a solar system keeps you on the safer side, helping you become independent of the grid. It is incredible to wake up each morning knowing that you are in charge of a higher percentage of your energy production. It will give you peace of mind and also help you channel your money to other investments. 

Most homeowners looking to invest in solar panels fear the expensive initial costs. However, we’d want you to focus on the benefits it brings to your life and home. You can save a lot more in the long run compared to the constant recurrent bills you pay. Expect to get a return on your investment within 5-6 years. That’s pretty amazing for a 20-30 year investment.

Is Solar Power Worth it in Orange County

Yes, solar power is worth it in Orange County, California. Solar energy depends on the sun, and it is much sunnier in Orange County. You must have heard the popularity of Orange County as a spot for solar installation. Let us see why it’s the most sought after solar city;

  • You will enjoy Solar Tax Credit and Rebates.

As a homeowner investing in solar panels, you will enjoy tax rebates and retail buy-back rates with a payback period of up to 6 years. 

The solar tax credit in California is an incentive started by the federal government to enable homeowners to claim a refund from the cost of installation incurred. 

If you invest in solar in Orange County, you are eligible for this incentive. It is calculated by entering the capital cost in next year’s IRS return, and you will get a tax reduction. For example, with a tax rebate of $1,600 with a debt of $4,600, you will pay $3,000. 

Currently, the solar tax rebate for 2021 has been maintained at 26%. If a solar power installation costs $15,000, then your tax rebate is calculated this way:

$15,000 x 26% = $3,900 refund against taxes

As of 2019, the rebate started at 30% and went down to 26% in 2020 through 2022. In addition, it will go down to 22% for panels installed from 2023.

The industry is expecting an extension of the tax credit after 2023. It is regarding the renewed commitment of the solar sector by President Biden. 

So, what solar rebates are available in California?

California is one of the sunniest states and is the perfect location for investing in solar.

There isn’t a state-wide solar incentive program, and very few utility companies run their own schemes, but it’s best to check with your provider.

The tax credits that you are eligible to enjoy in Orange County include;

  • Property-Assessed Clean Energy (PACE)
  • Net Energy Metering (NEM)
  • The Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

The tax rebates available include the following; 

  • Single-Family Affordable Solar Housing (SASH) 
  • Multifamily Affordable Solar Housing (MASH)

There are also Local incentives that are;

  • Residential equity storage
  • Residential storage
  • Residential equity resiliency storage

Follow this link for all you need to know about the solar tax credits and rebates

  • Orange County has the Best Climate All Year Round.

Heck! We can’t emphasize this enough. The sun should lead you to Orange County, California in the first place. 

But when you think of solar, you automatically think of the sunny climate. It’s because solar is more dependent on the sun for energy production. If you live in areas with long winter days, then installation of solar will not be so efficient.

On the other hand, Orange County solar is valuable and worth it. The solar panels in Orange County can maximize absorption and the required amount of sunlight. In addition, it’s efficient in the way that you can store extra energy on the grid.

Power outages are a thing of the past in Orange County. As a homeowner, the only thing you will worry about is the proper usage of energy produced. You do not have to use power irregularly because it’s readily available. However, it is prudent to apply some energy-saving tips.


(Source:Energy Information Administration)

You Increase your Property Value

Solar is at an all-time high return and also saves towards your energy consumption. But it’s equally amazing to know that solar installation in Orange County increases your property value

As of now, most people looking to buy and rent property are more inclined to buy or rent the ones with installed solar panels. It’s because they are aware of the much-needed electric bill reduction. Therefore, your home will increase in value just in case you decide to sell or rent it in the future.

If your solar panels produce more electricity, you can generate money by selling energy back to the grid. Can you sit back and imagine your power company giving you checks instead of bills?

How awesome is that!

Go solar in Orange County today!

Remember to do your due diligence as you look for solar installation in Orange County. It is very critical to hire a reliable solar installation company for solar service help.

Note that the lifespan of a high-quality solar system is 20-30 years. So, when you hire someone that is not qualified for installation, there is a probability that you will have many problems along the way. 

Make sure that you assess and research the reviews of the installation company you are about to hire. Let them assure you of a warranty and excellent after-sales services such as showing up for maintenance when needed. 

You deserve quality and professional services!

As a homeowner, you also need to invest in battery storage that will go a long way to utilize the produced energy.

Why Do You Need Solar Battery Storage?

Having solar panels is a great way to get away from the grip of the utility companies, including the rising cost of electricity. For example, when your solar panels aren’t producing energy during the night or cloudy days, having power storage means you can draw upon that first before drawing from the grid. In the long run, solar storage batteries will help in;

  • Maximizing your solar investment
  • Making your entire home solar system much more self-sufficient
  • Providing an added layer of backup in power outages

Time-of-Use rates continue to spike, especially for peak use hours like the evening when you are home from work, therefore having more control over your energy expenses is crucial. You can give yourself more flexibility and less dependence on the grid and local utility companies only concerned with making an extra dollar.


(Source: Scientific Research)

Orange County Supports the Long-term Benefits of Renewable Energy

California’s government supports the long-term benefits of renewable energy. They understand the need and importance of going solar hence the support they give to the residents.

Investing in solar is not only vital for you as a homeowner, but also for the environment. In the long run, you will be helping reduce carbon footprints through the use of solar energy.

Did you know that carbon footprints can be up to 38 percent of that present in the environment? 

The use of solar energy reduces these carbon amounts significantly. By protecting the environment, we cover for the future.

Do you see how going solar transverses many challenges that we face today?

As you protect the environment, your residential home gets consistent production of energy that is affordable. As a result, you will not have to experience power outages at night, and you will also contribute to a clean and safe environment.

The use of solar energy eliminates the spread of harmful carbon emitted by fossil fuels. However, carbon has a long-term effect on the environment, causing negative climate change. 

There you go! Are you Ready to Join the Movement?

You have the reasons to go solar in Orange County.

Solar energy continues to transform homes in Orange County. Even the ones who doubted the durability of the system are now adopting it. 

On the other hand, Orange County solar is one of the most popular due to the sunny climate in Orange County. Solar panels in Orange County enjoy the sun rays causing the production of maximum energy. It becomes sufficient for the home energy needs and also produces extra that is old on the grid.

The secret to solar panels efficiency includes proper solar installation. There are many companies for solar installation in Orange County. You need to assess them to hire the best. Enlightened Solar is one of the best solar companies in Orange County.

We have transformed solar in Orange County for years. Our experience and focus on offering transparent services have helped us build trust with our customers.

Seek solar service help from us and enjoy our warranty that will assist you with maintaining your solar panels. Remember that professional installation will increase the efficiency of your solar system and also contribute to durability. 

Contact us today for all your solar Orange County needs. We trust the process, and we promise you it’s bright ahead!