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    A better solar provider

    As passionate Solar power professionals, we were frustrated by the limitations of existing San Clemente solar power options. We set to build something cost-effective, reliable, and beautiful, to Enlighten lives.

    We vertically integrated our end-to-end process. This means you speak to the same people who install your panels, with no resellers in between. As a result, Enlightened can bring delivery costs down by 50 percent compared to the competition. Our sold arrays are built to last. We stand by our 25-year energy production guarantee: your panels will generate power and enlighten your lives in the long-term.

    But that’s not all an Enlightened solar array does. We design each array to seamlessly mesh with the aesthetics of the building and architecture. Your Enlightened array will complement the design of your home, without sticking out.

    Our Clients

    San Clemente (62 Panels)

    Murrieta Install (22 Panel)

    Mission Viejo Install (28 Panels)

    A vertically integrated provider

    By managing the end-to-end process, we offer 30 percent lower costing than competitors.

    Maximizing efficiency

    Enlightened uses (X photovoltaic array tech), which is Y percent more efficient. This means higher output from a lower-profile installation.

    San Clemente born and bred

    We’re a local solar provider. We understand your needs and we go the extra mile to Enlighten your home.

    You and Enlightened Solar

    Long-term warranties

    Enlightened arrays come with 10-year installation warranties and 25-year energy production warranties.

    Enabling affordable WFH

    Work-from-home has pushed domestic power consumption through the roof. Enlightened minimizes your electricity costs, enabling fully home-based lifestyles.

    Incentivizing green power

    Talk about any applicable tax or other government incentives customers can avail thanks to installing Enlightened.

    Our Story

    We’re a group of passionate solar professionals and somethinig didn’t sit right with seeing what unaesthetic, overpriced, solar installations did to beautiful homes around San Clemente.

    We built Enlightened Solar to offer a better kind of solar power. We’re local and vertically integrated, meaning better rates and service from folks who live next door. And we design solar solutions that last, with arrays that generate power for 20+ years.

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