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Characteristics Of An Effective Solar Panel Installation In Orange County

Do you know that the energy costs in your home has been escalating day by day?

I bet you are here because the thoughts of installing a solar panel have crossed your mind. You are in the right place, and congratulations on the big step of thinking of installing a solar panel in your home.

The decision to have a residential solar panel installation in your home is a brilliant choice. Installing a solar system is one way of protecting the environment from toxic gas emissions and reaping financial benefits.

Solar panels derive their pure and clean energy from the sun. There is a lot of information that will help you choose a solar panel installation vendor in Orange county.

The advantages of using a solar system include; a reduction in electricity bills, where solar will save you a lot of recurring electricity expenses.

Advantages of a solar panel installation

As a homeowner with solar panels, you produce your energy, saving you the rise in electricity costs. In the long run, you could monetize the extra energy produced by selling it for an additional income as well.

Despite the high overhead costs of installation, a solar panel has more benefits in the long run. Once you have settled on the solar panel installation of your choice, you should be careful to ensure that the building is done right. I have seen homeowners that want to handle their installation or involve middlemen. They end up doing shoddy work leaving leaking roofs and non-efficient solar panel placements.

Before you decide on the company to do your solar panel installation, you must do thorough research. Vertically integrated solar installation companies such as ours aim to professionally install solar at affordable prices for residential homes in Orange County. A good solar panel should have a lifespan of over 25 years of service.

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  1. How to identify a good or bad residential solar installation in Orange County       
  2. Shading of solar panels causing inefficiency in direct sunlight       
  3. Hanging cables       
  4. The installation of the brackets on a sloped roof       
  5. Setting up of photovoltaic components       
  6. De-energize all AC and DC sources of power       
  7. Should solar panels be placed on the roof or in the yard?
  8. Braking of tiles during installation       
  9. Solar panel clamping zone       
  10. Residential energy requirement        
  1. How to identify a good or bad residential solar installation in Orange County

Every solar panel buyer hopes to go home with an efficient solar panel installation. Although the efficiency of a solar panel does not equate to better quality, it is the critical focus while selecting a solar panel configuration. On the other hand, the manufacturing quality is paramount to consider. This determines the real-world performance, reliability, and also warranty given by the manufacturer.

It is crucial to research more on the best quality solar panels before making a purchase. On the other hand, a reliable installation company should have great reviews and a portfolio of their work. So, how do you know the difference between a good or bad solar panel installation? In this article, I will demystify the nitty-gritty of residential solar panel installation in Orange County. It will help you get value for your money and a return on your investment.

Various installation errors will be noticeable in the long run. In the discussion below, I have outlined some of the significant noticeable mistakes that make up a lousy installation. Also, I have broken down what needs to be incorporated into the building to make it an excellent residential solar panel installation.

Though some may be unnoticeable, the article will give you insight that will help you to monitor the basics. Here are the factors to look out for when going through  a solar panel installation;

  1. Shading of solar panels causing inefficiency in direct sunlight (Crucial)

Research has shown that shade is the greatest challenge for solar panel efficiency. When getting a solar installation in Orange County, the panels need total sunlight exposure for the better part of the day.

When solar panels are exposed to shading and dust particles, it contributes to the loss of power. In addition, shading affects the performance of a string of panels attached to the shaded one. Therefore, you may underestimate the slight shading in your setup as it significantly impacts the efficiency of the solar panel.

Shading issues for solar? Microinverters

(Source: Shrink That Footprint)

When you hire experts in solar panel installation in Orange County, they will professionally assess the opportunities, hence establishing an influential position to place the solar panel. 

Modules should not be placed in shaded areas and should be kept free from dust and dirt; the panels should also be positioned at an angle so that the next rainstorm will wash off any accumulated dust. Panels lying at an angle above 10° will self-clean when it rains, and our quality panels have glass designed to allow wash away dirt.

  1. Hanging cables

Hanging cables are a sign that the residential solar installation is terrible. So enlightened Solar started to provide a tremendous solar installation service that offers premium quality and pricing for clientele, which means there is no middle man. We do all of the work.

We ensure that all the cables are clipped together under the solar panel and not hanging up. Well-clipped solar cables are a sign of efficiency and professionalism on the part of the installation team. Enlightened Solar has changed the narrative of solar in Orange County by promoting quality and efficiency.

  1. The installation of the brackets on a sloped roof

During the residential solar panel installation, ensure that the brackets or mount rails are installed on sloped roofs. These are readily available in solar stores. The brackets are used in homes that are inclined in the direction that allows direct sunlight penetration.

On the other hand, somebody can use the mounting rail to allow the residential solar panel to position at any angle. During the solar panel positioning, it must stay at the same pitch and height to enhance voltage production. An excellent residential solar installation leaves no leaks on the roof while drilling the screws. Note that if there is any leakage of rainwater, the solar panel will become inefficient. Therefore, it is vital to engage a solar installation company with attention to detail and installs recommended by the manufacturer.

  1. Setting up of photovoltaic components.

The photovoltaic components should be set according to the instructions of the manufacturer. They should be connected in a garage or a building outside. While the installation is going on, the area should be dry and well ventilated.

It should not be exposed to too much heat or cold. Enlightened Solar has been sensitizing the need to have a battery box. This helps to protect pets and children from electric shock.

Simulated Energy Production in Los Angeles, California

(Source: EIA)

  1. De-energize all AC and DC sources of power

It is essential to de-energize all AC and DC sources of power. This is done while running the energy from the inverter to the AC breaker panel. First, the PV wires are connected to the DC disconnect switch and the other photovoltaic system. Next, the main DC disconnect is connected to the inverter. A professional team should handle this to verify the effectiveness connection.

Turning on the breakers and DC/AC disconnect switches enhances the electricity distribution from the AC breaker panel to any electrical loads in your residential home. A bad connection may cause electrical faults that could cause shock and short circuits.  When proceeding with the wiring through the walls, it is necessary to use a conduit over the wires. It should be waterproof fittings or use duct seal to keep water out.

Enlightened Solar will ensure that the solar feed doesn’t exceed 20% of the AC breaker panels’ service size. For example, a. solar panel and a PV system with more than 100 amps limit the breaker size to 20 amps. Therefore, you will need to increase your residential electrical service to 200 amps or higher.

No Connection to an Electrical Grid and No Utility Company

(Source: Morningstar Corp)

  1. Should solar panels be placed on the roof or in the yard?

Usually, a solar panel has to is fixed on the rooftop. However, you may find that some homeowners opt for it to stay in the yard and, in addition, put a stand on it. However, if you engage solar installation experts, they can advise on the best place to mount the solar panel. ,

Installers should also be well versed in the rules and regulations of solar panel installation in Orange County. For example, some areas require pole fencing to protect the solar panels installed on the rooftop. Before you decide on where to install the solar panel, do proper research, as this will save you a lot of costs in the long run.

  1. Braking of tiles during installation

Many residential owners in Orange County have complained about the constant breaking of tiles after residential solar installation. However, engaging intermediaries who are more money-focused and not putting in the work for quality results is a costly affair.

It is important to note that solar panels are heavy and may cause damage to your roofing tiles if not handled well. Enlightened Solar can update you on having extra tiles for fixing just in case there is breakage. If left unattended, it could cause leakage that would affect the effectiveness of the solar panel to be reduced.

In addition, the tiles should be placed above the tile brackets to stop the water and wind from invading your roof space. Enlightened Solar is working to educate homeowners who are unaware of this hence curbing them from ineffective work. This is the reason you should engage experts .for solar panel installation in Orange County.

  1.  Solar panel clamping zone

Solar panels with clamps more than 25% down the panel become a hazard because of flapping around in the wind. This causes unnecessary stress on the panels, your roof and can create noise. This is particularly common on tin roofs. Therefore, instead of having hundreds of tiles to mount brackets, the CEC accredited the existing screw lines limit installers.

Ensure that you check tiles when your solar installers are done with the installation to verify that everything is fine.

  1. Residential energy requirement

How much energy your home requires is an essential factor in the PV installation you will need. Again, contracting an installation company with years of experience helps in assessing the needs of the house.

While doing solar panel installations, Enlightened Solar checks whether the property needs to be connected fully or partially to the main grid. If it meant going off the grid, someone would need to install a more powerful solar system. Customer satisfaction is the crucial goal of Enlightened Solar; therefore, we ensure that the work is high-quality and sustainable.

It is not possible to achieve a sound solar installation if the installation company is not competent. Therefore, it is advantageous to select an accredited solar company due to its security and benefits. Enlightened Solar is the premier provider of solar in southern California.

We are a reliable installer and have seen the challenges faced by homeowners to do a quality installation. In addition, credible solar companies give more extended warranty periods for as long as ten years.

The energy needed also determines the types of solar systems that can adequately meet the power demands. There are several types of solar systems, depending on the manufacturing company, which designs them in different sizes and capacities of performance.

We have qualified personnel who oversee the entire installation process and verify its effectiveness. Our fundamental values are transparency and honesty, thus building a great relationship with clients.

Orange County California Residential Solar Installations

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So, what should you do next after reading this article?

As a homeowner, you should know that most middlemen who do residential solar panel installation look to cut costs during the process. Therefore, they are prone to giving you poor services. As much as the cheap pricing may confuse you, you should receive quality products and services. There is a need to do prior research to ensure you sign a contract with a credible solar installation company. Contact us to request a quote for installing a residential solar panel for your home.