All You Need to Know About the Net Energy Metering 2.0 to 3.0 Transition

Have you always wished that you could have energy sustainability in your home? Then net energy metering is your viable option in California.

What is NEM?

Net Energy Metering is a solar incentive framework that allows you to store energy in the electric grid. Essentially, when your solar system generates more energy than consumed, the owners have the ability to sell the excess production back to utilities and receive credits to their monthly bills. 

Then, at night or other times when your solar panels are under producing, you pull energy from the grid and use these credits to offset the costs of that energy.

Isn’t that amazing, having to invest in solar and it in turn earns you money? It’s the dream of every homeowner. 

So, how does net metering work in California?


(Source: SEIA)

The Net Metering Energy program is eligible to California’s Customers who install small solar, biogas, wind, and fuel cell generation facilities to serve all onsite electricity.

Net metering 2.0 in California is significant. It allows residents with solar energy to serve their energy needs directly on-site and receive financial credit on their electric bills for any surplus energy fed back to their utility bill generator.  

As a person looking to invest in solar energy, you should know that your participation in the NEM does not in any way limit your eligibility for any other rebate, incentive, or credit provided by an electric utility. 

The current NEM 2.0 program was adopted by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) on January 28, 2016, and is available to customers of PG&E net metering, SCE, and SDG&E. The program often provides customer-generators full retail rate credits for energy exported to the grid. However, it requires them to pay a few charges that align NEM customer costs more closely with non-NEM customer costs. 

In this article, we look at the transition from NEM 2.0 to NEM 3.0 and what it means to the customers and California residents. 

Let’s examine:

  • What is NEM 3.0?
  • The Background of NEM
  • The Concern for NEM 3.0
  • Expected structure and Impact of NEM 3.0
  • Elements expected to be considered for NEM 3.0
  • Exported Energy Rate Solar System 
  • The structure of the tariff
  • Impacts of NEM 3.0 on Solar PV Generated Energy Value

What is NEM 3.0?


(Source: Renewable Energy World)

Net Energy Metering (NEM) 3.0 remains likely to result in a steep reduction in the value of energy produced by residential and commercial solar PV systems in California, to the order of 40 to 80 percent.

The people who experience the impact will include current solar customers under NEM 1.0 or 2.0, who will bump to NEM 3.0 while their systems still have life. Customers that want to expand their systems could bump them to NEM 3.0; and all future customers. Anything that significant will only add to the industry’s challenge from the step-down in the federal solar tax credit

If you have any planned California solar project, you should do everything possible under the current NEM 2.0 rules. Since May, the California Legislature has voted down Assembly Bill 1139 (Gonzales), which would have had a significant impact on the NEM 3.0 proceeding currently underway at the California Public Utilities Commission and solar PV customers under NEM 1.0 and NEM 2.0. 

California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) can still make the decisions; however, as the transition from NEM 2.0 to 3.0 is on track for sometime next year for customers of the three regulated utilities, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) program, Southern California Edison (SCE), and San Diego Gas & Electric (SDGE).

The Background of NEM


(Source: Energy Sage)

NEM has existed in California since 1995 and has undergone various revisions over time. The most significant revision of NEM occurred in January 2016, when the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) created NEM 2.0, which was rolled out to utility customers in late 2016 and early 2017. Both NEM and NEM 2.0 customers have been under those tariffs for 20 years from when their solar PV system or another form of on-site generation first went into operation.

NEM 2.0 is identical to the original NEM except that customers do not receive bill credits for the “non-bypassable” rate tariff components on the energy exported. Non-bypassable rate components are currently the Wildfire Fund Charge, Competition Transition Charge (CTC), Nuclear Decommissioning (ND), and Public Purpose Program (PPP) charges, which add up to approximately two cents a kilowatt-hour ($0.02/kWh). This change to NEM 2.0 reduced the value of exported energy by roughly 10-20% of exported energy value, depending on the customer’s rate tariff.

The NEM 2.0 decision is an interim solution by the CPUC, allowing the commissioners more time to study the impacts of NEM systems on electricity grids and other utility customers. In addition, there is considerable action on the Net Metering front across the country, with several states moving away from accurate net metering to various forms of export compensation. 

The Concern for NEM 3.0

The main concern in California’s NEM 3.0 proceeding is whether homeowners with solar panels are receiving more value for it than they contribute to the grid as the utilities claim. 

Between the cost of service, equity issues, and the fact that electricity generation is getting cheaper, compensation for onsite, behind-the-meter energy generation is likely to decrease in real dollars over time. 

On the other hand, the cost of purchase and installation of solar-plus-storage systems is coming down faster than the decreasing value of the electricity they generate.

Expected Structure and Impacts of NEM 3.0

It is hard to ultimately tell what NEM 3.0 will look like and how it will impact the current homeowners with solar and future solar PV NEM customers. 

However, from the NEM 2.0 proceeding in 2015-16, the expectation is that the utilities and other interested parties such as environmental groups and consumer advocates will continue to fight hard on the details. 

Elements Expected to be Considered for NEM 3.0?

Importance-of solar

(Source: Medium)

Exported Energy Rate Solar System 

From recent studies of PG&E, SCE, and SDG&E on the cost of energy and the value of the solar system, and Sage’s analyses, there is a reasonable idea of the value of solar during various time-of-use (TOU) periods under the current policy. 

Combining that information with the results of previous studies on the impacts of NEM 2.0 customers on utilities and non-NEM customers, it shows that the value of solar PV energy in California is about 11 cents a kilowatt-hour (~$0.11/kWh). 

It varies significantly between utilities and customer types. The most recent version of the CPUC’s Avoided Cost Calculator shows significant reductions in this value.

The Structure of the Tariff 

There are many tariff structures possible. Given the principles put forward by CPUC and the intention to control the value of solar PV energy in California, we believe that a Feed-In Tariff (FIT), also known as Buy All, Sell All, or Net Billing will be mandated, along with a Grid Benefits Charge (GBC). 

Feed-In Tariff (FIT) 

FITs, or buy-all, sell-all arrangements, usually separate the customer’s energy usage from solar system energy generation. In this scenario, the customer’s PV system is connected in front (on the utility side) of their electric meter; the customer cannot consume the electricity produced by their PV system. 

What happens is that all energy the customer consumes is metered at their retail tariff rate. All generated electricity is exported to the grid through a separate meter and valued typically at a fixed price. 

It is not net energy metering. Therefore, this type of interconnection would not easily apply, and billing would not be easily applied to existing NEM interconnections with PV systems connected behind the customer’s utility meter on their property. It could, however, be mandated for future NEM 3.0 interconnections. 

Net Billing 

Net Billing is a possible form of NEM 3.0. Here, the solar system is connected on the customer side of the meter and offsets the customer’s electricity usage. 

Any exported energy from the PV system is valued at a fixed price. However, the fixed fee may differ across seasons and TOU billing periods, as proposed by the Joint Investor-Owned Utilities, i.e., PG&E, SCE, and SDG&E. 

Net Billing arrangements typically settle up monthly; exported energy credits are shown and accounted for on each monthly billing statement. Therefore, customers would not bank these accumulated bill credits from exported energy and true up at the end of the billing year, as is done with annual NEM. 

Net Billing is not a true Net Energy Metering like a FIT but remains a likely candidate for the NEM 3.0 policy. 

Grid Benefits Charge (GBC) 

Another component for NEM 3.0 is a GBC or a monthly charge for all solar customers that is not dependent on the rate of consumption of the customer. 

The charge is expected to scale with the installed system size of the solar PV and differ by rate tariff. These charges could amount to about $75 per month in fees for residential generators and $800-$3,400 per month for a 250-kW system for commercial generators. 

Impacts of NEM 3.0 on Solar PV Generated Energy Value

NEM 3.0 could result in a mild to a dramatic loss in solar PV energy value. That depends on the final structure of the NEM 3.0 tariff and the customer’s existing rates. The current proposal shows that commercial customers with a solar PV system sized to offset 90% of their load, a typical target system size, would see a loss in the value of solar in the range of 40%-80%.

The proposed structure attempts to incentivize solar-plus-storage systems by reducing the value of any energy exported to the grid rather than consumed onsite. However, this means that solar-only systems will have to be smaller to maximize the value of solar, which is at odds with the higher installed costs by negating cost efficiencies of scale.

There You Have It. You Now Understand All About the Transition from NEM 2.0 to NEM 3.0 and What to Expect

Net Energy Metering has been of great help in the establishment of the solar value. It is to be noted that NEM 2.0 will face some drastic changes that could reduce the export compensation and add grid benefit charges to all the new systems. It will add additional fees depending on the size of the system.

Remember that your solar provider should be able to explain in detail net metering for your understanding.

You must learn about what is NEM 3.0 and how it is expected to work. As a homeowner looking to invest in solar power in California, you are eligible for the good incentives available in the region. 

Energy storage is important as it helps to have a surplus to use at night when there is no production. It also helps you earn extra from the energy exported to the grid.

Enlightened Solar is a solar installation company in Orange County, California. We can advise you on NEM, including PG&E net metering. Net metering in solar energy is an important aspect to consider for every homeowner looking to go solar!

Contact us today for your solar energy needs.

Top 6 Benefits of Installing Solar Panels for Your Home


(Source: California Energy Commission)

Do you constantly think of having a solar panel system that will lower your electric bills? 

Go no further! Because solar energy is the way to go. There are numerous benefits of solar panels for your home. We cannot underestimate the importance of having reliable electric energy in your home. But, on the other hand, depending on the energy needs in your home, you may be burdened with paying high electric bills.

Orange County solar is popular and dependable. The sunny climate gives you the advantages of solar energy with continuous energy production. Solar power for homes has numerous benefits that we are going to discuss in this article.

Why go solar?

It helps you have a continuous supply of electricity, which allows you to power your appliances and lighting. However, many residential owners are looking for alternative energy options due to the high cost of electricity. Therefore, you will need to hire expert solar providers for the high-quality installation of your home solar system.

Remember that proper installation of solar panels for homes highly contributes to the durability of the solar panels. Seek professional solar service to help avoid solar panel rip-offs.  

Let’s get into the article and discuss the benefits of solar panels for your home.

We will examine:

  • Solar energy contributes to environmental conservation
  • Reduction of electric bills
  • Renewable energy is part of the future
  • The maintenance cost of solar energy is low
  • You are eligible for California solar incentives and rebates
  • Solar energy increases your home value

What Are the Benefits of Solar Panels For Your Home?

Residential solar panels have gained a lot of momentum and popularity. But, the fact is there are several ways in which they can benefit you. For example, did you know that using residential solar panels can reduce or eliminate your electric bill

This is because solar panels use an array of solar cells or photovoltaic units to capture the sun’s energy and convert it to electricity or gas. They are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions so that you never have to worry about experiencing power outages, rain, or shine.

Let’s get into the discussion:

Solar Energy Contributes to Environmental Conservation


(Source: Energy Sage)

The benefits of solar panels go beyond your home as it also contributes positively to the external environment. Installing a home solar system for your home is extremely good for the environment compared to other energy sources. Traditional power sources like coal, oil, and natural gas are responsible for greenhouse gases, air and water pollution, and other toxic wastes that are causing some significant problems to the health of our environment.

There has been increased awareness in California on the effects of pollution by traditional forms of energy. In addition, the government supports the adoption of renewable energy to reduce environmental pollution. So, if you care about the environment and want to reduce environmental pollution, you should consider installing solar panels.

Do you see why you should go solar? 

Using solar energy also contributes to a much cleaner atmosphere. Most people realize how important it is to reduce the amount of carbon in the air. There’s no doubt that this is both good for our health and the environment. By installing a home solar system, you’ll be taking advantage of an eco-friendly way to make your house more energy-efficient. 

Reduction of Electric Bills

The primary reason homeowners are opting to install solar panels is due to the amount of savings it comes with.

I know you dread seeing the electric bill because of the high costs. Imagine paying over 80% less after the installation of a solar panel. You will thank me later for this!

Installing a home solar system can significantly lower your energy consumption costs. It’s because you will be producing your energy at home. The benefit of solar panels on the roof is that they get maximum exposure to sunlight. All you have to do is install the appropriate solar cells and mount them in the proper location. As you can imagine, the amount of electricity you can produce from a home solar system is quite enormous. You can easily create enough electricity to power your entire household.

The upfront cost of having a home solar system installed may be daunting for some homeowners at first, but you can’t deny the long-term savings that you’ll get to enjoy from your initial investment. In addition, installing a home solar system can eliminate your monthly electric bill so that you can use the money for your other essential expenses.

You may ask, is solar more reliable than the standard electricity connection?

When you install solar panels in your home, you will not have to rely on the traditional source of electricity. You will say bye-bye to a power outage because you have your own energy.

Another advantage of home solar systems is that they will never run out of power as long as the sun shines. It means that you’ll have an unlimited and reliable power supply minus the power outages or monthly energy bills. Imagine over 20 years of regular energy supply. Thus, solar energy is good for the environment and gives you peace of mind, knowing that your electricity source will never run out.

Renewable Energy is Part of the Future


(Source: Research Gate)

With the government vouching for the adoption of solar energy, it’s a clear sign that it is the future. Having a solar system is essential for the future. It could save you from many expenses, especially if you consider that all things around you are now running on electricity, even cars. You must educate yourself about solar energy from now on as it’s widely expected to be our primary source of power in the future.

Solar energy will give you the knowledge and experience of intelligent energy consumption. So investing in solar power is an excellent investment to make that’ll educate you about the solar industry.

It’s tough to find faults with solar energy, especially if you consider all the signs that show it will be the future. Installation of solar contributes to the economic savings of homeowners. The sun provides a renewable and inexhaustible source of energy that isn’t subject to market fluctuations. Even though the installation costs are high, it’s offset by the rapid amortization of your initial investment. Aside from that, solar energy is infinite and unlimited such that it provides you with a continuous supply of power without requiring any additional usage costs or maintenance.

The Maintenance Costs of Solar Panels are Low

Most homeowners have thought that solar panels maintenance is cumbersome. But, on the contrary, it doesn’t require a lot of work. Solar panels are very durable and will take several years before maintenance is required, which means less hassle for homeowners.

For solar panels on the roof, you will need to climb the ladder so that you can constantly get it cleaned. Depending on the climate, ensure that you wipe out ice particles, leaves, and tree branches that may fall off. 

Solar panel maintenance is necessary for enhancing efficiency. Ensure that the top glass of the panel is not broken because it could lower the efficiency or even damage the solar panels.

You need to wash the dust and dirt off the solar panels a few times each year. You can also hire professionals to do the cleaning for you. That’s it! That’s the only sort of maintenance that you’ll have to do for your home solar system.

You are Eligible for California Rebates and Incentives


(Source: SEIA)

The Federal government in California offers the best incentives to solar panel investors, making it more affordable for them to install panels on their roofs. In addition, this encourages the investors to go solar.  The California solar incentives come in rebates and tax benefits and give you a 25-50 percent discount. As a result, 2021 has seen remarkable changes in residential solar in the Golden State. For example, the building codes made in 2020 demanded the installation of solar in every new home. 

The residents of Orange County are making significant considerations for going solar. Every homeowner in California yearns for the independence that comes with investing in Orange County solar.

You should consult a professional solar consultant and installer in your area to help you file all the requirements to reduce the cost of a home solar system. Make sure that you do your research well to avoid solar panel rip-offs.

In the United States, the federal government is promoting solar energy to reduce carbon footprint. As a result, you are eligible to enjoy financial incentives for homeowners who are switching to solar energy as their source of power in the US. 

Solar Energy Increases Your Home Value

Saving on your energy bills is not the only benefit you can enjoy from installing a home solar system. If you invest in a home solar system, it also increases the value of your property if you sell it someday. It is because installing solar automatically adds value to your home. 

Note that most people looking to buy homes are looking to purchase homes with already installed solar. That saves them the hustle of installation; hence they’d rather pay a higher price for it. Therefore, solar helps you save on your energy bills and significantly increases your home’s resale value. Note that homebuyers these days like to purchase energy-efficient homes, so it’s a really good investment that you should consider.

Solar panels can be installed anywhere, making them a flexible and versatile source of energy. You don’t have to buy an extensive home solar system which can be very expensive. You can always opt for a small-scale home solar system at first, which you can add to later on once you have the budget.

The most exciting benefit of home solar systems is that they can be installed even in remote locations. Thus, they can provide power to remote villages and other places that had no electricity before. In addition, they can be installed in areas where installing electrical distribution lines is too expensive or unfeasible. Therefore, there is no limitation when it comes to solar. As long as there is sunlight, you are good to go.

There You Have It; You Have All the Reasons To Go Solar in Orange County. The Next Step is to Take Action and Contact a Solar Installation Provider!

The benefits of solar panels listed above show you that solar panels for homes are a worthwhile investment. However, if you want to make the most of your investment, be sure to look for a reliable and trustworthy service provider that will provide you with a high-quality home solar system and handle its installation and maintenance.

Solar panels for the house guarantee you excellent performance. As you seek solar service help, most of the service providers and manufacturers provide lengthy warranties that ensure the performance of your panel for a long time. Some even offer a 25-year performance warranty period for their home solar systems. Make sure you hire the best to avoid solar panel rip-offs.

The article has enlightened you on the advantages of solar energy and why to go solar. You now understand the benefits of solar panels for your home.

Orange County Solar is your best option, given the all-around and extensive sunny climate in Southern California. Enlightened Solar is the leading solar installation company in Orange County. We have supported homeowners transitioning into home solar systems, and they have attested to the numerous benefits they continue to experience by working with our team. 

Reach out to us today for us to journey with you in the solar journey.

7 Things to Consider Before Installing Solar Panels


(Source: EIA)

Have you wondered about factors to consider when installing solar panels as a ‘to do list’ before the actual installation? Worry no more. 

Solar panel installation will revolutionize your life. Most residents choose solar panels for homes to save on electric bills. Orange County solar is the most sought after by homeowners. It can be attributed to the best climate in California and the incentives that come with it. 

Solar installation data from SEIA and census data show that California leads the nation at 44.92% of all homes with residential solar installation. California also leads the nation with total homes installed with solar power at 6.3M entire homes, contributing to the 24,464 MW of solar capacity. 

Most homeowners make mistakes while shopping for solar hence experiencing solar panel rip-offs from low-quality providers. You should know of the various solar panel types, and your solar installation company should guide you to make the best decision based on your needs. 

If you are thinking of installing solar panels yourself, we would advise against this. Note that solar installation is a significant factor in the durability of solar panels. This article is meant to show you what to know before installing solar panels and questions to ask before installing solar panels. 

You will know more about the roofing and the weight of solar panels on roofing, and whether you should replace your roof before installing solar panels. If you are curious to know the average cost of installing solar panels, we’ll get that answered. 

Let’s get into the main business of the day, shall we?

Here is what we will  show you;

  • Home assessment by solar experts
  • Your electric bill
  • Financing the solar panels
  • Solar cost 
  • How much will solar save you?
  • Solar panel types
  • The durability of the solar panel

Home Assessment by Solar Experts


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Before solar panels are installed, it is necessary to assess whether your house is suitable for solar. Whether your home is a fit for solar determines the price of the solar system. 

For residential solar installation, you need to get an assessment from your solar provider. You cannot decide on your own whether solar will be ideal for your home. Here is an overview of three things to determine your eligibility:

  1. Does your roof receive enough sunlight? Remember that solar energy is entirely dependent on sunlight. Therefore, your roof should be accessing maximum rays from the sun.
  2. The electricity cost in your region. Remember that the higher the electric cost, the more you’ll need to go solar! Aren’t we all looking to save a buck? Solar will save you money.
  3. Where does your roof face? Roofs that face the southern side have more time in the sun. Therefore, you could purchase fewer solar panels and still have maximum energy production for your home. 

Should I Replace My Roof Before Installing Solar Panels?

After reading the above determinants that are key to looking at your homes’ eligibility to go solar, you will realize that roofing is essential. However, some instances will call for a change in roofing, such as damaged roofs that could leak and spoil the solar panels. 

Roofs that are too old can be a hindrance to successful solar panel installations. Experts on solar installation in Orange County will advise you to change old roofs as they are a danger to the solar performance. 

The weight of solar panels on the roof may damage it fast, causing damage to the solar panel too. It is best to have durable roofing. It will be in the best interest of your home. You must get value for your money and have the solar panel last for more than 20 years.

Your Electric Bill

If you have a high electricity bill, you have every reason to go solar! On the other hand, if you have ticked all the boxes justifying that your home is ideal for solar panels installation, and has a low electricity bill, then that could be turning you off. 

Most solar companies prefer customers with an energy bill of more than $75/month for it to be worth it.

If you have high energy use hence paying a high electric bill, your need for Orange County Solar is urgent. The goal is that you save money from the solar installation. 

Note that the more you pay for electricity, the faster the panels will pay themselves off. Thus, homes with low power usage won’t save significant amounts of money by going solar.

Financing the Solar Panels

Before you go solar, financing is one of the main factors to consider when installing solar panels. Homeowners have many options for financing solar panels. As you do your research, you will find leasing options and ownership loan packages. 

You will choose one that fits you best. All in all, it’s essential to understand all the financing options and make a decision based on your budget and your desired solar savings. Remember that California has favorable incentives and tax credits for homeowners who install solar. 

Incentives and tax credits are some of the questions to ask before installing solar panels. When you hire a solar installation company, they will explain and advise you further on the best incentive to apply because there are terms and conditions that apply for every home. 

Solar Cost 

You may wonder, what is the average cost of installing solar panels? The initial cost of buying and installing solar is high. A new solar system that caters to 100 percent of the average American household energy usage will typically cost around $22,000.

However, the cost is directly affected by the amount of energy used in your home. That means your home could need a system that costs well above or below that price. 

It is prudent to visit a solar provider for a quotation to find out if it meets your budget. A solar company can estimate the cost of your solar panel by looking at your energy consumption for the last 6 months.

Further, did you know that you don’t have to purchase a system that covers 100 percent of your energy bill? Although recommended, you can easily customize your solar system to produce anywhere from 25 percent to 100 percent of your electricity bill. 

The price of solar can also be affected by the provider. Remember that you can also apply some energy-saving tips in order to save more energy.

How Much Will Solar Save You?


(Source: SEIA)

When homeowners hear about the high initial solar installation cost, the first question is usually whether you will find value for your investment. You know, it will be more pleasing to know that an expensive investment will save you a lot more in the long run. 

Solar companies always calculate how much a homeowner can save by going solar. Your savings are determined by several factors. 

First, if you decide to own your solar panel in California, you are entitled to the federal solar tax credit. The ITC allows residential owners to take 26% of the total cost of their solar system and apply it as a tax credit in the following year. For example, if you purchase a $20,000 system, you’ll be able to take $5,200 off your taxes the following year. 

The second is the source of your solar financing. A lease deal will only allow you as a homeowner to save a few dollars a month, while a cash purchased system will give you 100% of your power bill back into your pocket.

If you are buying your panels with a loan, the loan payment would ideally be lower than your monthly power bill, allowing automatic monthly savings. After ownership, the typical solar panels on an optimal home will pay themselves off in 6-8 years.

Solar Panel Types

It is essential to know what to consider before installing solar panels. This is because knowledge is essential and will save you from solar panel rip-offs. Also, remember that you cannot install solar panels by yourself; it needs an expert who has comprehensive knowledge of solar installation.

Solar panels are continually changing in size, power production, and efficiency, so it’s important to know what is available on the market. Residential owners have more preferences regarding the look of the panel rather than the technology within the solar panel

There are various options, like black panels, blue panels, mounted panels, and solar shingles, to name a few. 

All panels have a kilowatt-hour (KwH) number that is listed with them that shows how many kilowatts a solar panel will produce per hour in the sun. Typically, the higher the number, the more expensive the board. 

Your installation provider will explain the solar types in order to help you settle for the best quality.

The Durability of the Solar Panel


(Source: BusinessWire)

Good quality and properly installed solar panels should last you 20-25 years. For the most part, most solar companies claim that their solar panels will produce at a profitable efficiency for at least 25 years. This means that your solar panels will suffer a slight degradation over time, which is about 0.8-1.2 percent per year of original efficiency. 

The degradation is often caused by dirt, pollen, and other external factors. That is why you should be consistent with solar panel maintenance and cleaning. Do not postpone any issue for later fixing; deal with it immediately.  

Although your panels will become slightly less efficient over time, it’s important to remember that the degradation won’t be significant until several decades of high-efficiency production. The 20 years of durability will need you to constantly maintain the solar panels. 

Most accredited solar companies will offer warranties on energy, workmanship, and panel warranties upon purchase. You should read your contract to ensure that it covers you in case of damage and also solar maintenance

Your solar installation company should be able to give you about a 10-year workmanship warranty, which means that they will fix any improper installs or damage to your solar array up to ten years after purchase. 

Ready to Reap the Rewards of Having Solar Panels in your Home? The Next Step is To Go Solar!

One of the most critical decisions when considering solar is which company to hire. If you’ve already considered solar and put in some research, you know that there are thousands of solar companies to choose from. However, price shopping takes time and effort, and you never know whether you’re getting the best deal possible. 

There are many factors to consider before going solar, including solar panel types, should you replace the roof before solar panel installation, avoiding solar panel rip-offs, and also the effect of the weight of solar panels on top.

Solar Installation Orange County continues to grow in leaps and bounds. Thank you to the all-around sunny climate in California. No, you cannot install solar panels by yourself; you may do more harm than good.

With the above information, we believe the article has enlightened you on the questions to ask before your solar panels installation and what you should know before solar panel installation.

Enlightened Solar is at your service as you look forward to installing your residential solar installation. You are making the right decision in having solar panels for your home. We have done solar installation in Orange County for a long time and will advise you further! 

Before installation, we shall visit your home for assessment and offer advice on the solar panels you need. In addition, you will benefit from our warranty on workmanship, enabling us to give you solar panels maintenance for up to 10 years.

Contact us for a quote! And see our wide range of services.

All You Need To Know About Solar Panel Scams


(Source: California Energy Commission)

Are you worried that you could get scammed in your search for a quality solar panel installation?

Scammers are a pain! 

You should always do your due diligence when looking for reliable solar providers because scammers are equally available in the market. The surprising thing is that they pose as professional solar providers. The good news is, there are red flags you can use to assess solar panel scams that come your way.

The idea to adopt renewable energy is positive and of great benefit to society. You get to save on your monthly electric bills and also contribute to environmental conservation. If you apply these tips, you are prone to saving more energy in your home.

Orange County Solar has immensely grown in popularity due to the favorable incentives available in California. The growth and high installation in residential homes have seen many solar companies start businesses offering solar service help. But, unfortunately, it has also seen many solar panel fraudsters dive into the market to confuse genuine and innocent homeowners looking to invest in solar.

Solar panel scams in California can come to you in different ways, such as solar panel phone scams, solar panel lease scams, and solar panel rip-offs in terms of money spent in the process of finding reliable solar.

So, how can solar scams be prevented?

We are going to explore how to avoid solar scammers in the rest of the article. It will help you make the right solid decisions as you go solar.

Let’s examine;

  • Understanding solar panel scams
  • Posing as Government agencies
  • Free replacement offers
  • Quick desires to make a sale
  • Unrealistic low prices
  • Online media
  • Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECS)
  • How to avoid scammers

Understanding Solar Panel Scams

Solar panel scams involve imposter solar companies that pretend to be professional installers while indeed they are not. Solar panel fraudsters claim to offer government rebates or give free solar systems. The offers are meant to entice homeowners to invest with them, while the truth is, there is no such benefit. 


(Source: MDPI)

Many homeowners who fall into the trap realize later that what they signed up for, is not what they get. That is why it is essential to do thorough research on solar companies before investing. It would be a significant loss starting all over again to look for reliable solar panel providers after losing money. Therefore, it is better to make the right decision the first time by researching your solar provider!

California is one of the popular states regarding solar investment hence the high alert on solar panel rip-offs. You can note the level at which a company forces its products on you and assess the thin line of genuine sales or scams. Be alert for companies that want you to make quick payments or sign up on their deals as soon as they inform you. 

Here are some of the red flags in solar panel scams that you should look out for:

Posing as Government Agencies

California has excellent solar panel incentives for homeowners who choose to go solar. The government offers rebates and tax incentives. However, there are terms and conditions related to the offer. For example, you will get a tax break or refund if your solar installations cost a certain amount (as specified by the government). 

You will find solar companies telling you that they will offer solar incentives if you hire them. Note that only the government does this, and the solar companies can only guide you on what you are eligible to benefit from. Make sure you check the government website to verify the information that you are told. 

Sometimes solar scammers will pose as government or utility company representatives. These scammers are going to offer you significant discounts or paybacks that don’t exist. If a solar company tells you that you’ll be able to receive tax credit or another form of payment from the government or utility companies, have them show you the research. Be sure that it applies to you, and don’t just take their word for it.

There are genuine companies that can show you why things are priced in certain ways and why you might be eligible for tax breaks. There are also times when discounts and promotions aren’t a scam, but a way to get more value for your money. Finding those companies isn’t too difficult if you look in the right places. First, you’ll want to look for regional businesses that are knowledgeable of the local state. Also, make sure that they have the proper licensing to serve.

Free Replacement Offers

When you are looking to go solar, of course, you want to land the best deals. Unfortunately, solar panel companies and scammers know this, and they craft all the good sales pitches to make you buy.

Another solar panel lease scam that you could encounter while seeking solar service help is the promise that you will get a free solar replacement in case of breakdown. 

Do not fall for it!

Remember, high-value things are not offered for free. It means that the replacement will be shoddy and involve low-quality equipment. A genuine solar panel provider will give you a warranty benefit to help you get high-quality solar maintenance services and replacements.

It is best to spend more at first and get a high-quality solar installation with fewer chances of being faulty in the long run. Also, the scamming companies will not be available if you have a problem; you will begin a cat and mouse chase that is not healthy.

Who wants to keep chasing service providers who are not keeping their word? You deserve better service!

Quick Desire to Make a Sale

Going solar is a significant investment that will save you money. It is a great decision that requires time to do the necessary due diligence. As you make your calls, avoid solar panel phone scams by asking all the right questions. Take note of companies that want you to sign up on the same day. They want you to sign, and getting out will be hard because you’ll have committed your time and money.

A good and reliable solar company should feed you with more resources and give you time to decide what is best for you. In addition, they should be willing to take the journey with you by assessing your home for more advice on what best suits you.

When you reach out to a solar panel provider for solar service help, their mission should be to educate you before getting you to sign up. If you notice that the company you are dealing with is on your neck to buy, step back and take time before deciding.


(Source: SEIA)

Unrealistic Low Prices

Usually, the initial monetary investment towards installing a solar system is huge. Therefore, you will find most homeowners looking for discounted prices to save some money. Unfortunately, a scam may discover you through companies that present unrealistic low prices. They will use this and pressure you to purchase as quickly as possible. They may even tell you that it is valid while supplies last! Avoid these common mistakes that will land you in trouble.

We’ve noted that these companies cannot fulfill a high-quality job. The less you pay, the lower the quality of installation you will get a lot of times. They may give you over the top promises and deliver less or not show up at all. 

To save yourself from this, make sure you research the average cost of investing in Orange County Solar. You will find a rough estimate to work with and be able to draw the line with scammers. 

Online Media

Not every company you find online is legit!

Social media brought in a loophole for scammers to thrive. It is therefore prudent that you do not make haste decisions. Given that there is no proper vetting in the social media streets, scammers can brand themselves as authentic, and before you know it, you’ll have lost money. 

Anyone can advertise and boost their pages on social media. They will extort information and money, promising you good deals while indeed there is no deal. You must check on the reviews on their platform to see what previous clients have said.

Also, make sure you look at the engagement in their platform. Do not give personal information that may be used against you by scammers. Finally, trust your gut! If it doesn’t feel right, it’s not right, and don’t do it.

Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECS)

SREC covers a percentage of the electric bills for homeowners with solar panels. When a solar company tells you that they can provide SRECs, it’s a scam! Avoid it as soon as possible. 

Remember that investing in solar energy will save you from hefty electric bills.

So, how do you prevent solar panel scams?

After reading the guide on identifying the scams, you may wonder how to prevent them?

Let’s see how;

How to Avoid Solar Scammers

The primary way to avoid solar panel scams in California is to do a ton of research before hiring a solar company. Also, get to the source by independently contacting the organization. If you cannot access them, don’t go any further, they are not worth it!

If you’re going to avoid a solar scam, you first have to identify it as a scam. Like any other scam, solar cons can sometimes be challenging to remember, so the key is to know and understand the tactics that reputable and not so reputable companies use to sell their products. You need to have a checklist on how to assess that a company is genuine. It will save you time and energy.

Go online and assess the credibility of the company through testimonials given. If you have met a salesperson physically, make sure you ask probing questions that will leave you convinced about their services. 

Further, you can inquire about other clients that have benefitted from their services for review. It is usual for a salesperson to be pushy on the sale, but be firm on getting all your concerns addressed. 

Ready to reap the rewards of going solar? There you have it. Do not get scammed!

Going solar is a significant investment! However, you should do it right and avoid solar panel rip-offs. Do not be duped along the way by solar panel scammers. Solar energy is meant to save you money and also contribute to the enhancement of a clean environment. After spending a lot of money to buy and install, you deserve to enjoy the benefits that come with solar.

You need to be able to call out illegal solar companies that are in the business of doing solar panel lease scams to genuine buyers.

There are other ways that companies can scam you out of your money. To make sure you avoid solar panel phone scams, with salespeople who force you to make decisions. Keep an eye out for inconsistent companies that are in the business only for the money. While there are solar panel scams in California out there, do not give up on the value that a solar system brings to your home.

Be aware of solar panel fraudsters who want to leave you stranded. Look for a solar company that will walk with you every step of the way by offering you solar service help. Let them be open to guiding you on how to avoid solar scammers. 

In your search for a reliable solar installation company, contact Enlightened Solar. We understand the value of trust and transparency. Orange county solar is our core business. We have helped many successful homeowners go solar, and they can attest to the great benefits.

Contact us today through our website!

How Do I Choose My Solar Panels? Your Guide To Choosing The Best Solar System Deals

If you are struggling with the rising electricity costs and need to subsidize them, you are about to make one of the best decisions for your home.

Investing in solar installation in Orange County will help you get continuous electric energy, which is reliable and will help you cut your monthly electric bill. The reason is that California has the best climate to accommodate solar panel investments. The sunny days are perfect for the production of energy that will be sufficient to run your home.

As you look to buy solar panels in Orange County, I’m sure you are wondering how you will identify the best solar deals. It is a valid concern, given that most homeowners have been duped by brokers pretending to be professionals.

You should be aware that California has many solar companies due to the considerable renewable energy investment. In addition, the government of California has been encouraging residents to embrace renewable energy, and the industry is doing well in general.

Most homeowners make wrong decisions while looking to buy solar hence getting low-quality services. While on the search, you should be keen that the solar company you settle for is reliable and ready to offer solar service help when you are in need.

Remember that a solar system can last you over 25 years. So if you hire a professional solar installation services company in Orange County, your engagement with this company will be over a long period of time. 

The installation of a solar system in your home is a brilliant financial decision. Now that you are at this point, I’m sure you clicked because you want to learn how to find the best solar deals. Note that there are many factors to consider as you evaluate offers from different solar companies.

It is essential to know that the installer you hire, the equipment you pick, and the financing options available are crucial in your solar savings decision. This article looks at all the factors you should consider to land yourself the best solar deal in Orange County, California. So sit back and enjoy the read because I’m the plug you have been searching for.

Here is what we will examine;

  • What criteria should I use to Identify the best solar deals in California?
  • Energy Production
  • Manufacturer quality
  • The Inverter
  • The efficiency of the solar panels
  • The cost of the solar panels
  • The solar installation Company

What criteria should I use to Identify the best solar deals in California?

There are many ways that you can evaluate solar panels to get the best deal. Some of the methods include checking on the production, manufacturer quality, and durability. 

Energy Production

The solar panel you choose must have the ability to produce the amount of energy that will be sufficient for your needs. The amount of electricity produced by a solar system is dependent on the power rating, power tolerance, temperature coefficient, and efficiency. When you thoroughly evaluate these, you can know how much power your panel will produce. 

You do not want a solar system that cannot handle your energy needs. It will be a waste of time and money. That is why you should be able to consult reliable solar installers in Orange County for guidance. 

And how will they help you?

They will visit your home, assess your energy needs, and further advise you on a suitable production setup for a solar system. With this, you are eligible to get the best solar deals in California. In addition, your solar panel should be able to produce extra energy that you will store on the grid for use at night

Manufacturer Quality

In every solar shopping experience, we are always curious to know the manufacturer of the product. Knowing the manufacturer can help us associate the quality of the product with the manufacturers. It is no different for solar panels, where you should look at the indicators of manufacturer quality.


Some benefits come from the manufacturer, such as a warranty and offers specifically for their equipment. For example, despite being a long-term investment, the production efficiency of solar panels goes down with time. On this point, the manufacturer guarantees that the power production of their panel cannot fall to a certain threshold in a 25 years period. Furthermore, it will be accompanied by a warranty if it does not meet the assurance provided.

Isn’t this a reasonable assurance? 

Now, do not buy solar panels blindly. It may fail on you, with no warranty and nowhere to claim the loss.

On the other hand, do not forget that solar panels are made to be very durable. Depending on where you live, make sure that the solar panels you buy can withstand the climate, such as snow and high winds.

However, Orange County solar is reliable due to the regions’ ability to provide long sunny summer seasons. Therefore, you should worry less about the inefficiency of your solar panels.


(Source: Quote.com)

The Inverter

The inverter is an essential piece of equipment in your solar panel. It is responsible for converting solar energy into electric energy that you can use in your home. When the sun hits the solar panel, the energy is taken into direct current (FC) power. The inverter comes in to convert the DC power into an Alternating current (AC) that is usable. 

As you look for solar panels in Orange County, note that there are two types of inverters that are; 

  • String inverters
  • Module-level power electronics (MLPEs)
  • String Inverters

String inverters are an excellent option for your home, especially if your system has optimal conditions for production. In addition, they are the lowest-cost option for a solar energy system. When your solar panel system has a string inverter, all panels feed the DC power they produce to a single inverter. The inverter then changes the DC energy to AC power, at which point your solar energy is ready to use.

  • Module-level power electronics (MLPEs)

You find that MLPEs are more expensive, but they can also be more efficient. Therefore, MLPEs are an excellent choice for your solar energy system. When using microinverters, each panel has its inverter to transform the power it creates and feed it to your home. 

Power optimizers, like microinverters, are also installed on every solar panel, but power optimizers are paired with a string inverter. The power optimizer conditions the energy, making it easier to convert from DC to AC, at which point it is sent to the central inverter.

The Efficiency of the Solar Panels

When you are out shopping for solar panels, you need to ensure that the efficiency will be suitable for your home. You do not want a system that will go off on you when you need it most. 

So, how do you ensure that you get the best deal in terms of efficiency?

As a homeowner looking to save on your electric bills, I believe that one of the concerns that you should not compromise on is the efficiency of the solar panel. The efficiency of a solar panel is measured in the ratio of the solar energy that hits the panel surface and the electrical power generated by the module.

Why is this so?

If the panel absorbs half the energy in the sunlight, the module conversion will be 50 percent. It is estimated that solar panel efficiency ranges from 15% to 22% in the real world.

You should look for the most efficient solar panel because the higher the efficiency, the more electricity you will get per square meter. In addition, you will require less roof space when you have high efficiency because you can work with a small solar panel. 

Make sure that you get an efficient solar panel. It may be more costly, but it’s worth the value. As you find the best deals, look for solar panels with high-efficiency modules as one of your best choices. With an efficient solar system, you are sure to enjoy Orange County solar. 

The Cost of the Solar Panel


(Source: SEIA)

The cost of the solar panel could give you a good clue on whether it is a great deal. The cost of the solar panels is calculated through watts of power per dollar module or dollar per watt.

For an excellent quality solar panel, expect a cost of about $1.60 per watt. The price is for the panel only, excluding installation. You should be careful not to choose a solar panel based on price only. You will find that low-cost systems will cost you poor performance and unreliability.

Seek solar service help from professional solar panel providers who will guide you on what solar system will give you value for your money. A good deal should come with a warranty, quality, and service. Be wary of brokers who come in to entice you with sweet deals.

Solar Panel Installation Company


(Source: SEIA)

Here comes the catch!

Did you know that the installation company largely determines the efficiency and durability of solar panels? Therefore, you should be keen on hiring the best. 

Your solar panels should be installed by professionals who are aware of their work. When you hire an installation company, they should visit your home and assess the physical location. That way, they will advise on the installation you need, depending on the home’s needs. 

Avoid some common solar mistakes made by homeowners as they choose the installation companies to work with. Your solar installation company is one of the most critical factors of your solar installation! When you choose a solar installer, ensure you review their certifications, licenses, track record, and reputation in the market. 

A professional solar installation company exhibits transparency and knowledge in its craft. They should be able to grant you an installation warranty for their services and long-term commitment. In addition, they should be ready to assist and offer solar service maintenance as time progresses.

Make sure that you ask questions to get all the clarity you require. Going solar is a great choice; just make the right decision before settling on one.

There you go! You have all the hacks you need to make sure you go solar with the best deal

You will get the best solar deals in California if you follow the points illustrated in this article. Assessing the energy production of the solar panels, manufacturer quality, the inverter, cost of the solar panels, and getting a tremendous solar installation company is the road to a successful solar deal.

Orange County solar has been rated the best due to the favorable climate in California. Do your research and hire the best solar companies in Orange County with trusted installation services. You will enjoy great benefits including a warranty that will help you as you seek solar maintenance services. 

As a homeowner looking to invest in solar, note that you will need to continuously maintain your panels. It will be through cleaning of dust particles, and also checking that the glass on top does not break. Seek solar service help from your provider to ensure that they fix it in case of any major issues. Investing in solar will save you a lot of money, and in addition, you can apply energy-saving tips to protect further.

At Enlightened Solar, we have helped many homes go solar in Orange County. Visit our website and reach out to us for consultation. Let us take you through the best solar deals and help you begin this incredible journey. What we assure you are; You will never regret it.

Go solar, and let us hold your hands.

Why Orange County is a Popular Spot for Solar Panel Installations


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Have you been looking forward to living in a solar-friendly region?

Did you know that Orange County is the most highly rated city for solar panel investments?

It’s no secret that Orange County is popular for its prolonged sunny days and the great weather that favors solar energy. Therefore, Orange County presents an incredible investment opportunity for solar. 

Investing in solar panels as an alternative in your home’s energy production is an excellent way to save money at the end of the month. You are aware that utility bills are unforeseen burdens that keep recurring and increasing family expenses. Yet, every homeowner who has invested in solar panels in Orange County attests to the immense savings on their electric bills from their solar investments.

Imagine having more sunny days! 

That means that you will use more solar energy in your home, drastically reducing the amount of money you pay for electric bills. You will not be billed for the summer months or your utility bill will be much less. In addition, if you produce more energy, you can sell it back to the grid in the form of rebates on your system.

The benefit of solar installation in Orange County goes beyond saving on your energy consumption. In addition, your home will increase in value, you will reduce the carbon footprint in the country, and you will also reduce your taxes through the tax rebates enjoyed in California.

California has some of the best-rated solar companies, such as Enlightened Solar, where you will get professional services and a great experience when going solar. However, it is essential to hire reliable solar installation companies to get a return on your investment.

When you get professional services, you will be eligible for a warranty covering various maintenance costs. In case you need solar service help, they will be available on call. Unlike the solar brokers who promise heaven but deliver the bare minimum. Beware!

Note that solar panels need continuous maintenance services. 

We will discuss this and more on why Orange County is a popular spot for solar installation;

Here’s what we’re going to cover:

  • Why you should go solar
  • Is solar power worth it in Orange County
  • Enjoy Solar Tax Credit and Rebates
  • Orange County has the best climate all year round
  • You increase your property value
  • Orange County Supports the long-term benefits of renewable Energy

Why you Should Go Solar

Going solar is a great way to harness the power of the sun and reuse it for your home’s energy. There is a lot of sun here in Orange County. Utility companies continue to increase electric costs. Therefore, having a solar system keeps you on the safer side, helping you become independent of the grid. It is incredible to wake up each morning knowing that you are in charge of a higher percentage of your energy production. It will give you peace of mind and also help you channel your money to other investments. 

Most homeowners looking to invest in solar panels fear the expensive initial costs. However, we’d want you to focus on the benefits it brings to your life and home. You can save a lot more in the long run compared to the constant recurrent bills you pay. Expect to get a return on your investment within 5-6 years. That’s pretty amazing for a 20-30 year investment.

Is Solar Power Worth it in Orange County

Yes, solar power is worth it in Orange County, California. Solar energy depends on the sun, and it is much sunnier in Orange County. You must have heard the popularity of Orange County as a spot for solar installation. Let us see why it’s the most sought after solar city;

  • You will enjoy Solar Tax Credit and Rebates.

As a homeowner investing in solar panels, you will enjoy tax rebates and retail buy-back rates with a payback period of up to 6 years. 

The solar tax credit in California is an incentive started by the federal government to enable homeowners to claim a refund from the cost of installation incurred. 

If you invest in solar in Orange County, you are eligible for this incentive. It is calculated by entering the capital cost in next year’s IRS return, and you will get a tax reduction. For example, with a tax rebate of $1,600 with a debt of $4,600, you will pay $3,000. 

Currently, the solar tax rebate for 2021 has been maintained at 26%. If a solar power installation costs $15,000, then your tax rebate is calculated this way:

$15,000 x 26% = $3,900 refund against taxes

As of 2019, the rebate started at 30% and went down to 26% in 2020 through 2022. In addition, it will go down to 22% for panels installed from 2023.

The industry is expecting an extension of the tax credit after 2023. It is regarding the renewed commitment of the solar sector by President Biden. 

So, what solar rebates are available in California?

California is one of the sunniest states and is the perfect location for investing in solar.

There isn’t a state-wide solar incentive program, and very few utility companies run their own schemes, but it’s best to check with your provider.

The tax credits that you are eligible to enjoy in Orange County include;

  • Property-Assessed Clean Energy (PACE)
  • Net Energy Metering (NEM)
  • The Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

The tax rebates available include the following; 

  • Single-Family Affordable Solar Housing (SASH) 
  • Multifamily Affordable Solar Housing (MASH)

There are also Local incentives that are;

  • Residential equity storage
  • Residential storage
  • Residential equity resiliency storage

Follow this link for all you need to know about the solar tax credits and rebates

  • Orange County has the Best Climate All Year Round.

Heck! We can’t emphasize this enough. The sun should lead you to Orange County, California in the first place. 

But when you think of solar, you automatically think of the sunny climate. It’s because solar is more dependent on the sun for energy production. If you live in areas with long winter days, then installation of solar will not be so efficient.

On the other hand, Orange County solar is valuable and worth it. The solar panels in Orange County can maximize absorption and the required amount of sunlight. In addition, it’s efficient in the way that you can store extra energy on the grid.

Power outages are a thing of the past in Orange County. As a homeowner, the only thing you will worry about is the proper usage of energy produced. You do not have to use power irregularly because it’s readily available. However, it is prudent to apply some energy-saving tips.


(Source:Energy Information Administration)

You Increase your Property Value

Solar is at an all-time high return and also saves towards your energy consumption. But it’s equally amazing to know that solar installation in Orange County increases your property value

As of now, most people looking to buy and rent property are more inclined to buy or rent the ones with installed solar panels. It’s because they are aware of the much-needed electric bill reduction. Therefore, your home will increase in value just in case you decide to sell or rent it in the future.

If your solar panels produce more electricity, you can generate money by selling energy back to the grid. Can you sit back and imagine your power company giving you checks instead of bills?

How awesome is that!

Go solar in Orange County today!

Remember to do your due diligence as you look for solar installation in Orange County. It is very critical to hire a reliable solar installation company for solar service help.

Note that the lifespan of a high-quality solar system is 20-30 years. So, when you hire someone that is not qualified for installation, there is a probability that you will have many problems along the way. 

Make sure that you assess and research the reviews of the installation company you are about to hire. Let them assure you of a warranty and excellent after-sales services such as showing up for maintenance when needed. 

You deserve quality and professional services!

As a homeowner, you also need to invest in battery storage that will go a long way to utilize the produced energy.

Why Do You Need Solar Battery Storage?

Having solar panels is a great way to get away from the grip of the utility companies, including the rising cost of electricity. For example, when your solar panels aren’t producing energy during the night or cloudy days, having power storage means you can draw upon that first before drawing from the grid. In the long run, solar storage batteries will help in;

  • Maximizing your solar investment
  • Making your entire home solar system much more self-sufficient
  • Providing an added layer of backup in power outages

Time-of-Use rates continue to spike, especially for peak use hours like the evening when you are home from work, therefore having more control over your energy expenses is crucial. You can give yourself more flexibility and less dependence on the grid and local utility companies only concerned with making an extra dollar.


(Source: Scientific Research)

Orange County Supports the Long-term Benefits of Renewable Energy

California’s government supports the long-term benefits of renewable energy. They understand the need and importance of going solar hence the support they give to the residents.

Investing in solar is not only vital for you as a homeowner, but also for the environment. In the long run, you will be helping reduce carbon footprints through the use of solar energy.

Did you know that carbon footprints can be up to 38 percent of that present in the environment? 

The use of solar energy reduces these carbon amounts significantly. By protecting the environment, we cover for the future.

Do you see how going solar transverses many challenges that we face today?

As you protect the environment, your residential home gets consistent production of energy that is affordable. As a result, you will not have to experience power outages at night, and you will also contribute to a clean and safe environment.

The use of solar energy eliminates the spread of harmful carbon emitted by fossil fuels. However, carbon has a long-term effect on the environment, causing negative climate change. 

There you go! Are you Ready to Join the Movement?

You have the reasons to go solar in Orange County.

Solar energy continues to transform homes in Orange County. Even the ones who doubted the durability of the system are now adopting it. 

On the other hand, Orange County solar is one of the most popular due to the sunny climate in Orange County. Solar panels in Orange County enjoy the sun rays causing the production of maximum energy. It becomes sufficient for the home energy needs and also produces extra that is old on the grid.

The secret to solar panels efficiency includes proper solar installation. There are many companies for solar installation in Orange County. You need to assess them to hire the best. Enlightened Solar is one of the best solar companies in Orange County.

We have transformed solar in Orange County for years. Our experience and focus on offering transparent services have helped us build trust with our customers.

Seek solar service help from us and enjoy our warranty that will assist you with maintaining your solar panels. Remember that professional installation will increase the efficiency of your solar system and also contribute to durability. 

Contact us today for all your solar Orange County needs. We trust the process, and we promise you it’s bright ahead!

Should I Invest in Portable Solar Panels? Here is all you need to know


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Are you confused about which kind of solar panels you should invest in for your home? Are you deciding between portable vs. fixed solar panels for your home?

The answer is; it is okay to have portable solar panels on your home. 

If you have been deliberating whether to install a portable solar system or a mounted one, you need to read this article. 

However, that depends on the level of energy consumption you are looking to achieve. If you have substantial energy needs that consume a lot of electricity, the portable solar panel may not serve your home needs.

Portable solar panels for homes are the easy solution to energy generation. They are small-portable solar panels that are simple to install and carried from one place to another. Imagine taking along your solar panel while on a trip or camping?

Just like a mounted solar panel, portable panels convert sunlight into electricity. They are also made up of cells that contain thin layers of silicon. In addition, they are made up of different sizes, such as portable folding solar panels that can fit in the car. 

So, How Do Portable Solar Panels Work?


(Source: Steemit)

Just like fixed solar panels, portable panels are made of silicon layers. When the sun hits the panel, photons release, creating an electric field in each silicon cell. In addition, there are metallic strips attached to the solar panel that help send the power to the grid. A charge controller then regulates the output of the power while generated power is stored in the inverter. You can get up to 100w portable solar panels. 

Many homeowners looking to invest in solar power in Orange County wonder whether the portable solar panels are as good of an option as the mounted panels. 

The answer is, it depends on how big your home is and how much energy you need to produce. 

The portable solar panels are made of waterproof kits that prevent water damage. They are noise-free, giving you the serenity that you require. Most homeowners think that portable solar panels will not have a reliable energy supply. On the contrary, you are also assured of consistent and reliable power because it makes good use of the sun.

In addition, the portable solar panels come with a kit that has tools such as a stand, storage case, cable, charge controller, inverter, and battery. Thus, portable solar panels are power devices on the move. 

This article will tell you all you need to know about portable solar panels, the benefits, and why you should invest in them.

Let’s examine; 

  • What is the Cost of Portable Solar Panels?
  • Do Portable Solar Panels Last?
  • How Much Energy do Portable Solar Panels Produce?
  • Benefits of Portable Solar Panels
  • What to Consider When Buying Portable Solar Panels

What is the Cost of Portable Solar Panels?

Portable solar panels vary in price. The difference comes in terms of the panel wattage. Note that the higher the watts of the panel, the cheaper it gets per watt. Thus, it holds the concept of bulk shopping, where the more you buy, the cheaper it becomes. 

For example; You will find that solar panels featuring 10 watts and below cost $100 while 50watts and above cost $500. As discussed earlier, you will get the portable board with a kit consisting of an inverter, charger, and other accessories. The kit ranges from $100 to $1000.

Do Portable Solar Panels Last?

As a homeowner, getting a long-lasting solar system is the end goal. Did you know that a solar system has a lifespan of over 25 years? 

Yes, you should engage with high-quality and professional solar providers to install a high-quality system. Due to the mobile nature of portable solar panels, they have a lifespan of about 20-25 years. You can estimate this by looking at the warranty period. Heck! You can even get a warranty of 30 years. That means that after the warranty period, it will not produce the usual energy output. 

The lifespan of solar panels is not affected by their daily functioning, but rather the exposure to harsh environments.

So, do portable solar panels provide much energy?

Let’s find out;

How Much Energy Do Portable Solar Panels Produce?

Portable solar panels rely on wattage for their energy output. It means that a 5watt solar panel will produce lower energy compared to a 100watt solar panel considering the same environment and sunshine exposure.

Therefore, before you purchase a solar panel, make sure you check the wattage rating. It will help you calculate your wattage needs hence making a sound decision for purchase. 

Benefits of Portable Solar Panels

There are many different solar panels available on the market. These are according to your budget and preference as well as the energy needs in your home. Portable solar panels for homes are recommended for minimal energy needs or as backup. You should also apply some energy-saving tips in your home to ensure that you maximally utilize the energy produced.

The panels are a bit smaller than the mounted solar panels hence the disparity in energy production. Portable solar panels can produce up to 100 watts. 

While looking to invest in portable solar panels, you should note that they can never outperform the residential mounted solar panel systems. However, some benefits come with portable solar panels as compared to the traditional options. 

Here is why you should invest in portable solar panels

  • Low-cost Investment

A debate ensues when you want to make a solar panels investment decision. The main one being fixed vs portable solar panels for your home. One of the main benefits is that portable solar panels are a low-cost way of benefiting from solar energy. You should note that portable panels are reliable in providing power to smaller appliances. If you do not have substantial energy needs in your home, then the portable panels will be good for you. 

In addition, you will be able to move the panels to where they can access good sunlight. Also, portable solar panels are an excellent way to use natural energy for your on-the-go needs such as camping and hiking.

Portable folding solar panels come with a chargeable controller and USB ports to enable you to charge your devices. 

  • There Will be No Drilling of Holes on your Roof

Portable solar panels give you the ease of installation even without much experience, unlike the mounted panels that you need to get a solar installer. The ease of installation comes from its ability to be placed anywhere in the compound. Therefore, your roof will stay intact, and no drilling of holes will be necessary. 

  • Easy Solar Panel Maintenance

With the mounted solar panels on the rooftop, they will require you to seek solar service help when you want to clean them. The portable solar panels give you ease of access without having to climb up the ladder.



What to Consider When Buying Portable Solar Panels

Since you are now aware of the benefits of having portable solar panels, here is what to consider when purchasing;

  • The size

Depending on your plans at home or while taking a camping trip, the size and portability is a main concern. If it is for home use you may need a bigger size than that for camping and hiking. 

The goal is to make sure your energy needs are served in the most effective way possible. 

  • The Efficiency

An efficient solar panel is every homeowner’s dream. As you look to invest in solar for you Orange County home, getting a portable solar panel that takes up little space is the main goal. The efficiency of your portable solar can be affected by various factors. These include; the environment where it’s placed, and the weather patterns as you take a trip.

Therefore, you must get an efficient portable solar panel to get the best energy output.

Ready to Reap the Rewards of Portable Solar Panels?

Portable solar panels for homes have not been considered by many. However, you have learned that depending on your energy needs, you can confidently invest in one. As a result, you can find up to 100w portable solar panels that are efficient for your home and travel needs. 

Have you realized that you do not have to carry multiple devices while camping or hiking because there is no charging system? The small portable solar panels are very effective.

Portable folding solar panels are efficient because they can be stored even in the smallest spaces. 

Investing in solar panels in Orange County is made easy by Enlightened Solar. We have been in the industry serving solar customers in Orange County. We are the best and most reliable solar panel installation company in California. 

We give a service warranty that allows us to provide you with solar panel maintenance. Therefore, we are a call away if you need any solar service help. Do not make a mistake by engaging with unprofessional brokers who will leave you stranded in case of a breakdown. 

We have built a brand based on trust and transparency to our clients. Reach out to us for advice for the best solar installation. We will assess your energy needs and advise on what will serve you better. 

Let us help you in your quest to invest in portable solar panels. You will not regret it. We shall serve you according to your needs.

Contact us today. 

How to Vet the Best Solar Maintenance Pros



Are you worried that the efficiency of your solar panels will go down with time? 

Are you willing to do what it takes to enhance efficiency?

You should know that solar panel maintenance is a basic need for your solar panels. 

Why so?

It maintains efficiency and contributes to the durability of the system. 

Solar panel repair and maintenance is not a challenging task. However, it should be well explained by your solar service provider. Usually, your solar installation company will be available in case you need solar service help

As a residential owner, you should know the advantages of solar maintenance, what solar panel servicing entails, and how you can vet professionals to do your solar systems repairs.

Relax, because in this article we are going to cover all the details. By the end of this article, you should be able to know how to spot the solar maintenance pros. Enlightened Solar aims to serve residents and promote solar efforts in Orange County through our high-quality installation services. 

Most of our clients are unaware that more maintenance work is awaiting them after switching to solar energy. Let us explain all of it in the article and touch on the necessary solar panel cleaning services that can help increase the efficiency of your panels. Then we will get into how to vet professionals at the bottom of the article.

Let’s Take a Look:

  • What does solar panel maintenance entail
  • Roof panels vs. ground panels
  • Ensure you have a warranty
  • Impact of weather on the solar panel
  • Monitoring the efficiency of the solar panel
  • At what point do I repair or replace my solar panel?
  • Advantages of solar maintenance
  • Vetting solar panel maintenance professionals

What Does Solar Panel Maintenance Entail?

Solar panel maintenance is not an overly complicated task. Instead, it requires very minimal effort to do solar panel repair and maintenance assuming that the system has been maintained. The main job involves cleaning dust and dirt particles, such as leaves, that could block the sun’s rays. 

If your region experiences heavy snow, then the winter season always calls for extensive maintenance. The goal is to ensure that your energy output does not decrease with time. 

So, how do you maintain solar panels?

If you have placed your solar panel on the roof and tilted it, this is an advantage.

“How?”, you may ask.

When it rains, the dust and particles will be washed away by the rain, giving you an easier time when maintaining your panels. You will not have to seek a solar panel cleaning service for these instances. During winter, make sure to use lukewarm water so that you do not break the glass top. 


(Source: Quote.Com)

The panels are made of tempered glass, and the extreme temperature disparity between hot water and cold panels can crack them. It is, however, essential for you to clean the panels manually during the dry season. If you cannot reach the rooftop or do not know how to do it, seek solar service help from a professional.  

Roof Panels vs Ground Panels

Homeowners are always concerned if there is a difference in cleaning the solar panel on the roof or on the ground. The only difference is that the solar panel on the ground is much more accessible. So, you can easily clean it as part of your daily chores. The one on the roof needs a lot of technical support to get there and safety should always be a concern. Unless you are a skilled professional, it is always wise to let a service professional access the panels on the roof.

Ensure You Have a Warranty

There is a standard warranty that comes with solar panels. However, before you engage with a professional solar panel installation company, ensure that you are familiar with their terms and conditions. 

A reliable solar panels professional should be able to offer up to twenty years of warranty and guarantee that your panels’ energy production remains at 85% or above for that entire time. In addition, it means that they will be available in case you require solar system repairs

If your solar panels’ efficiency does start to decrease, you’ll need professional maintenance that can potentially cost you thousands of dollars over the years. The warranty will save you time and money. We shall discuss further how to vet a solar maintenance professional. Keep reading.

Impact of Weather on the Solar Panel

The solar panels are solid in withstanding different kinds of weather. They are made considering all the factors that could damage it. Solar panels can survive hurricanes, intense hail, rain, and heavy snow.

However, on rare occasions, it can be damaged. Therefore, it is something that you should prepare. As discussed above, having a warranty will save you the costs of repair. You will get your solar panel repaired or replaced.

On the other hand, high temperatures could contribute to the loss of energy efficiency of the solar panels. You can counter this by elevating the panel a few inches above the roof or ground to allow air circulation, maintaining energy production. 

Monitoring the Efficiency of the Solar Panels

As a homeowner, if you can monitor the efficiency of your solar panel, you will have the upper hand in detecting when it needs solar panel servicing. 

How do you monitor the efficiency of the panel?

It is efficient to use a solar monitoring system. With these, you will be able to track how much energy your solar panels produce daily. In addition, it will allow you to track when the energy production goes from low to high depending on various factors. 

Therefore, you will note how external factors can affect your solar panel’s performance. The monitoring system will also alert you if a panel breaks or malfunctions so that you can repair or replace it.

At What Point Do I Repair or Replace my Solar Panel?

When you have a damaged solar panel that needs repair, it is best to seek the services of a professional. Mostly, if your solar energy efficiency decreases day by day, it will call for a replacement. It is under a performance output warranty given by your solar company. 

A professional will assess the situation and either fix the problem or replace the panels. On the other hand, if your solar panels have sustained physical damage, that’s often covered under a separate equipment warranty or your homeowners’ insurance. 

It is essential to determine if and how your panels are covered for damage and whom to call to file a claim. Do not install solar panels or make repairs yourself unless you have experience with home solar systems.

Now that we know the maintenance based on solar needs, let’s see the advantages of solar maintenance.

Advantages of Solar Maintenance


(Source: PV Magazine)

It Improves Solar Panel Efficiency

The invention and adoption of solar panels were designed to give homeowners an affordable way of producing energy. It gives you a 3kW system reducing electricity bills by around 65% while adding value to your property

The efficiency of your system can reduce drastically by 20% if your solar panels are dirty. The build-up of dirt makes it difficult for your solar panels to absorb sunlight correctly, which means that the system runs less efficiently.

If you choose to have them professionally maintained, they will remove any dirt and grime from the system’s surface. That can lead to an increase in efficiency of as much as 21%. 

It highlights just how much of an impact having them maintained can have on the system’s efficiency. However, it is not just dirt and grime that cause problems because other common issues such as no power or low voltage can also render your system less efficient.

Early Problems Identification Early and Safety Remains a High Priority

Solar panel problems and damages can occur at any time, but solar panel maintenance can help identify issues before they occur. Fixing a problem before it becomes a significant problem can save you money on the repair, and it will ensure your system continues to work. Maintenance is also required to help reduce fires because faulty inverters and wiring connectors can all cause problems.

Through regular servicing, you can maintain a high level of safety because a professional will check all-electric components while searching for signs of damage from water and even corrosion. Enlightened Solar ensures that clients are well informed before the installation of solar panels. We have served solar customers in Orange County and transformed homes hence reviving the passion of going solar!

Cleaning Increases Energy Absorption and Production.

Your solar panels need to be exposed to sunlight to produce power. However, solar panel cleaning is generally unnecessary unless you live somewhere with high amounts of smog, dust, dirt, or sand blowing around. In most cases, occasional rain will be enough to naturally and safely keep your solar panels clean and free of debris that could lower production.

You will need to engage with a professional solar company that understands your needs to do all this. In addition, it should guide you and give you knowledge of available incentives and rebates in your region.

Enlightened Solar has been able to niche into solar installation. In addition, we give a warranty that will serve you for over ten years. So, how do you vet solar maintenance pros in the industry?

Vetting Solar Panel Maintenance Professionals

Make Sure the Company is Licensed

Licensing gives you the credibility to do your job. It will show you that they are professionals who are verified to provide solar services. Whether the contractor themselves works on your project or outsources it to a subcontractor, in both cases, make sure that they are permitted and have a valid license.

Warranty Provision

Before committing to a solar company, ensure that the terms of service include a warranty. Investing in a solar system means that you are in for the long term. Despite the durability of solar panels, they are prone to damage and will constantly need maintenance. 

Therefore, having a warranty will keep you safe and also save you money. If the service providers do not have a warranty, it’s best to avoid their services. 

Knowledge of the Possible Damages

A good professional solar provider will be open about the damages that may occur. They will also give you the knowledge on basic maintenance processes that you can do at home. 

On the other hand, some damages call for professional help, and that’s where they come in. They should be open to attending to you. Make sure that it is in the contract.

When Enlightened Solar started serving Orange County, many homeowners engaged with brokers posing as solar professionals. As a result, they got low-quality installations that were damaged after a short time. To make the matter worse, the brokers were nowhere for repair services. Therefore, this caused a lot of mistrust, and it has taken us a long time to build trust and credibility through our transparent services. 

Ability to Do an Assessment and Give a Report

When you have a damaged solar panel that needs repair, you should report it immediately to your solar provider. They should be able to come to your home and do an assessment of the damage.

It will help them in analyzing the needed repair. If they do not do this, it is most likely they will fail you over time.

Solar panel servicing is vital for the efficiency of your system. Make sure that you have a quick guide on solar panel repair and maintenance. With the above information, you are able to note the possible solar repairs and the causes of the damage.

Enlightened Solar is a credible solar installation company that has served most residential homes going solar in Orange County. However, homeowners who initially came seeking solar service help were disappointed by services given by other companies. 

Further, our warranty gives you ease of mind on solar maintenance. We do this through the warranty period that allows us to attend to all your solar system repairs. The services range from solar panel maintenance, and also solar panel cleaning services.

What To Do Next?

Get in touch with us through our website. Ask for a quote, and let’s work together. Get our premium services. 

The Top Benefits of Installing a Generac PWRcell for Your Home

Have you ever thought of the advantage that solar energy brings to your home? The benefits range from saving energy hence reducing your electric bills to also protecting the environment. 

Now, what if I told you that a Generac PWRcell saves you a little more by saving more energy that could help you in a power outage? Well, that is our focus in this article. First, we will tell you all you need to know about a Generac PWRCell and the benefits that it provides. 

Generac PWRCell is an environmentally friendly battery system that helps you save money and prepares you for power outages. The PWRCell harnesses power from the sun or the electric grid to help you reduce costs and reliance on the electric grid and is prepared for unexpected power outages. Every PWRcell battery storage system consists of one PWRcell inverter, a battery storage cabinet, and lithium-ion battery modules. 

How Does the Generac PWRcell Work?



(Source: Southern Energy)

The Generac solar panels are efficient if your utility has reduced or removed net metering.    

Installing a storage solution like the Generac PWRcell with a solar energy system allows you to maintain a sustained power supply day or night, as long as you store enough power from your solar panels when the sun is shining. Continuous solar maintenance is essential to enhance the efficiency of the panels.

Enhanced efficiency is achieved through solar panel servicing by your solar panels’ provider. Enlightened Solar is one of the solar installation companies that have installed solar panel systems in Orange County. We also continue to partner with Generac PWRcell to enhance power efficiency in residential homes.

The Generac PWRcell is made in a way that you can effectively use it daily. The units are paired with a solar system helping in the storage of excess electricity produced in the grid. Therefore, you will use this surplus energy when your grid cannot make energy instead of buying from your utility company.

There are two significant markets for the Generac PWRcell battery solution. The first is locations with time-of-use (TOU) electricity rates, such as California, where the cost of electricity is more during the hours of the day when demand is highest.

The battery has built-in operating modes designed to optimize household energy usage under each of these scenarios. Residential owners often worry about the Generac PWRcell price. However, you should note that installing the system has long-term benefits. It is primarily for residents in higher utility rate areas. 

If you think that the Generac PWRcell cost is high, remember that it comes with a warranty of up to ten years. Enlightened Solar encourages clients to have Generac PWRcells to save energy. 

In this article, we will do a Generac PWRcell review to learn about the system’s benefits. Furthermore, in the article, we shall extensively discuss the Generac PWRcell cost to help you understand the budget you need and see the value it brings to your home.

Let’s examine:

  • What you need to know about the Generac PWRcell
  • The size of the Generac PWRcell
  • The functionality of the system
  • The Metrics Performance
  • Access to Generac pwrcell warranty coverage
  • The Cost of Generac power cell
  • At What point will the Generac PWRcell save me?

What you Need to Know about the Generac PWRcell

The Generac PWRcell launched in September 2019. The stackable PWRcell has the most power of any residential battery currently on the market. 

Alongside the PWRcell, Generac offers its energy monitoring system, known as PWRview. Complete with a custom mobile app, PWRview displays detailed electricity bill tracking and forecasting, as well as other helpful energy dashboards. You can also set daily and monthly goals on electricity usage within the application. Before you invest in the Generac solar panels, you should note the critical metrics that are involved. 

We encourage our clients to invest in Generac PWRcells for the continuous efficiency of solar power in Orange County. The main factors to consider are the battery size, power and capacity, depth of discharge, and roundtrip efficiency. 

Let’s get into a deeper discussion. 


(Source: Energy Sage)

The Size of the Generac PWRcell

The Generac PWRcell comes in four different models, based on the number of battery modules: the PWRcell M3, PWRcell M4, PWRcell M5, and PWRcell M6. Therefore, power and usable capacity are two important metrics to consider when comparing the PWRcell to other home storage options. 

The power is measured in kilowatts or kW and determines the maximum amount of electricity that can be output at a single time. On the other hand, the usable capacity, measured in kilowatt-hours, or kWh, measures the maximum amount of electricity stored in your battery on a full charge.

The PWRcell M6, the largest battery in the lineup, boasts a maximum power rating of 6.7 kW to go along with 18 kWh of usable capacity. 

Note that the PWRcell system is modular; hence you can add multiple battery products to your storage setup. For example, you might want to install numerous PWRcell batteries for a home with high energy demands. Generac’s PWRcell spec sheet indicates that you can connect up to two PWRcells to a single PWRcell inverter, so you’ll need to upgrade your supporting hardware to add even more storage capacity beyond the stored energy of two batteries.

A battery with a high power rating can deliver more electricity at one time, but will burn through its available energy capacity faster too. Thus, the battery’s power determines how many appliances you can run concurrently, while usable capacity determines how long you can run those appliances.

Batteries with a higher power rating can power periods of more extended time and bigger appliances such as the HVAC system or serve many devices at once. 

Enlightened Solar has been serving in the solar industry for a long time. We advise our customers to do proper solar maintenance on their setups. In addition, we offer an installation warranty that allows you to seek solar panel servicing within the stated period. Our goal is to ensure you save energy and maintain the durability of your solar panels.

The Functionality of the Generac PWRcell System

The functionality of one solar battery varies from one setup to the next. For example, some batteries have excellent off-grid capabilities, while others offer software solutions specific to rate arbitrage. The suite of PWRcell hardware and software products is designed to provide both of these services.

Generac offers a solar inverter alongside their PWRcell. The inverter acts as both a battery inverter and a rooftop solar array inverter. It means that, as long as your installer installs the correct components and the PWRcell inverter, your Generac PWRcell battery will be able to provide backup power for your home when the grid goes down. It also can interact with your solar panel system if you have one.

The Generac monitoring technology is fully built-in to the PWRcell inverter. In addition, the Generac also offers monitoring capabilities with the installation of a device known as PWRview. 

The built-in inverter monitoring technology, Generac’s PWRcell batteries, and their associated parts can intelligently manage electrical loads throughout your house and appropriately pull energy from the battery when needed.

Metrics Performance for the Generac PWRcell

The main ways to make a performance evaluation are through the depth of discharge and roundtrip efficiency. 

Depth of Distance (DoD)

The Depth of Discharge (DoD) shows the percentage of a battery’s energy discharged relative to the battery’s overall capacity. As a result, the useful life of a battery decreases each time you charge, discharge, and re-charge or cycle your battery. 

Many battery manufacturers specify a maximum DoD level for optimal battery performance. The batteries with a higher depth of discharge are considered better quality products. 

Round Trip Efficiency

The measure of electrical losses that are involved with charging and discharging a battery is round trip efficiency. The higher the efficiency percentage, the more efficiently the battery can convert incoming electricity into stored electricity and then into usable electricity. 

The Generac PWRcell has a high round trip efficiency of 96.5 percent. It means that for every 10 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity you put into the battery, you’ll receive 9.65 kWh of output.

Access to Generac PWRcell Warranty Coverage

The Generac PWRcell charges and discharges their battery every day. However, it comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

Overall, a PWRcell warranty is valid for either ten years or the amount of time it takes to cycle the specified amount of energy through the battery. Generac’s battery technology is similar to other rechargeable batteries, both large and small: as time goes on, the battery loses some of its ability to hold a charge. However, it is comparable to the battery life and its ability to control the charge as it gets old.

The Cost of Generac PWRcell

Generac PWRcell costs of installation are dependent on your electrical setup. Therefore, it can highly affect the installation costs. 

When installing the PWRcell as part of a solar-plus-storage system, battery costs are just one piece of the equation. A 5 kW solar energy system will cost you anywhere from $9,000 to $15,000, depending on your location and the type of equipment you choose.

That may sound like a lot of money, but installing a solar-plus-storage system can be a worthwhile investment. The Generac PWRcell price will make sense for you by the way that your electric utility structures its rates, as well as your reasons for installing a solar battery.

Depending on where you live, you may have access to financial incentives to reduce your storage installation costs. For California, you have the advantage of getting a cash rebate that covers most of your home battery costs through the Self Generation Incentive Program (SGIP)

At what point will the Generac PWRcell save me money? 

Is this a question on your mind? 


(Source: Enlightened Solar.)

Here are the benefits that you will enjoy:

Providence of Power in your Home during Flex Alerts/PSPS events

When you are looking to reduce your electricity draw from the grid or get a flex alert on your phone from the California ISO, and you want to keep the lights on, the PWRCell can act as a battery backup generator to keep your home running.

Money Savings During Peak Hours

Usually, you get high electric bills during certain times of the day. Instead of paying more money to power your home during peak usage hours or days, you can use the stored energy from your PWRCell. That way you will use saved energy and lower your electric bill

Residential Renewable Energy Efficiency

Having a solar panel system for your home is the best thing you can do from a price and investment standpoint. You get to save energy while reducing your electric bills. Now, having a Generac PWRcell contributes to the highest savings. 

The solar panel systems power your home when they are actively generating energy during sunny days. However, if it’s cloudy, or the sun has set, your home will be running off the grid instead, where you’ll be subject to peak demand rates. 

With a solar house battery system, not only will you be powering your money with free energy, but it will be 100% clean, renewable energy from the sun, which lowers your home’s carbon footprint. Make use of this Generac PWRcell review and make the best installation decision

Now you have all the information to invest in Generac PWRcell.

The Generac PWRcell battery is available at our company, Enlightened Solar. You can request a quote, and we will break down the Generac PWRcell cost. Enlightened Solar has served solar installations in Orange County through our high-quality installation services. Our customer reviews are excellent, as you can tell from the number of clients that we have worked with. 

Our installation services come with a warranty that gives you the advantage of getting solar maintenance. In addition, solar panel servicing assures you of the solar panels’ durability and efficiency.  The benefits and Generac PWRcell review above has candidly explained why it is worth it to install. 

You will enjoy the value that comes with the service which exceeds the Generac PWRcell costs. Note that the Generac PWRcell price comes with a ten-year warranty that could be of great help. 

Enlightened Solar is an approved company that will advise you and lead you into installing high-quality Generac PWRcell batteries. As a Generac expert installer, we are your one-stop-shop for your entire system. To make the process as stress-free as possible, we will begin by sizing the optimal panels for your home. 

Then, we work with you to size your PWRcell storage system to ensure all your needs are met. It is that easy. Generac and our team will be with you every step of the way, ensuring you make the most of your solar system.

Contact us for more information and to also get a quote. 

We love working with you.

All You Need To Know About Solar Panel Repairs and Maintenance



(Source: The Random Vibez)

Are you sick and tired of the long solar repair process that you have been experiencing? 

Are you wondering what causes solar panels damage and if there are quick and effective ways to get your solar panels repaired? 

Just how long does the solar repair take? If you have been looking for the answers to these, then;

This article is for you! 

As a homeowner, you can quickly recognize a faulty solar panel. If you are keen on monitoring your solar efficiency, you will notice when the efficiency of the solar panels goes down. Your installation provider can attend to you and fix the faults after assessing the situation. 

Sometimes, the solar panel needs new inverters to improve its efficiency. However, with proper solar maintenance, your solar panel should be able to serve you for over two decades. 

When you invest in solar power, you realize it’s the most efficient form of renewable energy for your home and the environment. However, to sustain the efficiency, you will need to quickly do solar power repairs in case of any hiccups that may arise.  

Ignoring a damaged solar panel that may need serious repair or replacement may cause more significant future problems. So, how do you tell there is a need for solar power repair?

It may be hard for you to differentiate solar panel servicing or a solar panel glass replacement as a homeowner. Therefore, you need to call a professional solar dealer to assess the situation and advise on the best solution.

Such professionals like Enlightened Solar, one of the reliable solar panel installation companies in California. So, if you have been wondering how to repair broken solar panels, then worry no more because we have the remedy to your situation.

At Enlightened Solar, we have served Orange County solar repair and maintenance customers, and we know the problems and solutions that our clients need. In this article, we are going to discuss the solar repair process and how long it takes.

By the end of the article, you will have the information needed for this type of situation, and you will not be stressed when your solar efficiency goes down.

Here is what we will examine:

Common Problems that Call for Solar Repair

  • Hot-spots and Micro-crack
  • Old or Outdated Solar Panels
  • Faulty Cable Connections
  • Faulty Connecting Sockets
  • Solution for Faulty Solar Panels
  • How long does the repair take?
  • Contact your solar installation provider.
  • Four steps to an effective solar panel repair.

Common Problems that Call for Solar Repair 



(Source:Click Control Systems)

  • Hot Spots or Micro-cracks

When you experience a faulty solar panel, it is often the solar cells that are the main problem. Hot spots or micro-fractures cause these issues. However, you may find that the panel lamination, the waterproofing, and the frame, are intact and in good shape. 

Only solar repair experts can be able to figure out the internal problems within the solar panel. 

However, they will guide you through how to identify what is needed for the solar power repair

Poor installation of the solar system can also be a factor contributing to the faulty issues. That is why you need to fully assess your solar installation company before you sign a deal to begin a solar project. Proper solar installation will largely contribute to the efficiency and durability of your solar panels. In addition, you will need minimal solar panel servicing over time if the installation is done correctly. Therefore, hire the best premium solar installation services. 

If you have your solar panels mounted on the roof, ensure that you check and clean them often. Clogging of dirt could contribute to loss of output, causing inefficiency.

  • Old and Outdated Solar Panels

If your solar panels are old and outdated, you could run into many issues both servicing and replacing them. In case of any damage, it will be hard to find companies willing to go out of their way to repair them since they are not a commonly seen product. This is especially the case when the documentation is not available and evident. So, the solar panels could be off the market and could be hard to repair. 

What do you do in such a case?

Repairing is an option for older panels that are no longer for sale. Solar panel companies specializing in repairing solar panels can produce small runs of practically any panel. However, solar repair may only be viable starting at a certain amount, considering the financials such as manual labor and experience. If you have such an issue, contact us at Enlightened Solar for advice and a review on how best to assist you. 

If you want to go solar in Orange County, we will guide you on the best solar panels and provide quality installation services that come with a warranty. The warranty means that we will be doing solar maintenance for your faulty solar panels when need be. Visit our website to learn more about Enlightened Solar. 

  • Faulty Cable Connections

Solar power installation companies can successfully commission solar repairs to clients. However, you should also note that not all solar companies are reliable. We know of many clients who were frustrated by middlemen and thus giving up on solar power because they were not going to be provided the best service.

Enlightened Solar started to fill this gap with trust and remarkable service. We understand that solar panels could be faulty, and it is our responsibility to repair them. 

So, what could cause faulty cable connections?

Solar panel cables could develop faults because there could be rodents living near the installation that begin to chew on the cables. They could chew on the wires because they love to eat the soft rubber of the panel connectors. The technician often removes each panel and keeps it on a transport pallet when it comes to repairing. The repair is efficient when the technician handles one order at a time. 

The status of each order is tracked continuously. At first, panels go through cleaning, are tested in the flasher unit, and any damage is documented. The solar power installation provider then quotes the repair of faulty connectors or other defects, including damage to the back sheets. Some damage will turn out to be beyond repair, in which case they will put together a calculation for replicating these solar panels.

Can a warranty cover these faults?

A warranty from the solar company and the installation company is essential. Depending on the panel’s damage, the warranty will explain the liability you can claim either to the solar company or the installation provider. 

A warranty is cheaper for you as a homeowner because you will save on costs. Thus, a quality assessment is essential before going solar. Although homeowners make many mistakes due to lack of knowledge, do not make these same mistakes! 

  • Faulty Connecting Sockets

Defective sockets are one of the main repair calls that we get. Most of the time, it is often a production fault where the warrantor has, in the meantime, fallen into insolvency.

For defective sockets, a replacement can be ordered and installed. The sockets are affordable and therefore making it easy to do an entire replacement of the sockets.  

The connecting sockets could also suffer from corrosion. It raises the internal resistance of the socket, which then becomes hot. It, in turn, causes the plastic to melt and noticeably deform.

In addition, humidity and salt in the air in coastal regions can stimulate corrosion. Faulty connecting sockets can be a massive problem, affecting thousands of panels rather than just a handful. 

Solutions for Faulty Solar Panels

When you have a faulty solar panel that calls for repair, you should report this to your solar provider. It may often be better for the installation company to overhaul a faulty panel because, depending on the contract, they might be required to pay out a particular residual claim, which they had guaranteed. If the panels are no longer for sale, the only options are repairing and replicating. Repairs are usually less expensive.

Whether it was lightning strikes or a damaged frame, there are various ways to restore or replace faulty panels. These ways include;

  • Solar panel cleaning and measuring to determine voltage, current, and output
  • High-voltage test performance
  • Commission and professional packaging 
  • Replacement of defective frames and connectors
  • Repairing faulty soldering, diodes, as well as wires, connectors, and sockets
  • Repair of damaged back sheets



(Source: Center for Sustainable Systems)

How Long Do Solar Panel Repairs Take?

As a homeowner and customer, you have a right to have your solar power restored to its efficiency point. Repairs are usually complete within two or three weeks. Repaired panels have a two-year warranty. 

You will also find that glass damage is more complicated. For broken glass, there will be a need for solar panel glass replacement. The experts will check that the solar cells are not damaged before repairing them.

The repair will take about two to three weeks, making sure that everything goes back to normal.

Contacting Your Solar Installation Provider

In the event of damage, it is worth it to contact your solar installation company. They will permanently repair any damage safely and cost-effectively. 

Your solar installation company will respond and assess the damage. They will then advise you whether it is easier to repair or to replace. It is economical to specifically take the affected panels off the roof to improve them manually. Do not take action unless instructed by your solar provider. 

Four Steps to an Effective Solar Repair Process 


(Source: Research Gate)

So, after identifying a defect in your solar system, the first thing is to notify your solar provider

What do they do next?

Here are four steps to an effective solar panel repair process.

  • Thorough Inspection

Your expert solar technician will inspect all your solar panels. First, they will be examining the aesthetics, electronics, inverters, and functionality during your daily use. After that, they will give you an outline of the results from the inspection.  

  • Serious Assessment

Your solar technicians, who are primarily from your installation company, will then do a thorough assessment. Usually, we look at the solar panels’ overall condition and see the costs it will need to be repaired. 

The cost estimates increase or decrease depending on the available local prices and labor. However, if your warranty covers the repairs, well done, you will save a lot of money.

  • Monitoring of the Solar Power Efficiency

After the solar panel repairs, the technicians will monitor the performance of the solar system. They will check on the diagnostics and repair any issues that arise. If it’s good, then you are good to go. 

  • Mechanical Component Inspections

There are mechanical parts that affect the solar panels. Your installation and repair company should be able to resolve, monitor, and diagnose these issues too.

What to Do With Damaged Solar Panels

Before going solar, most clients want to know the value of a solar panel in terms of durability. Despite the solar repair situations, you should not be discouraged. Solar power repairs do not mean that your solar panel is of low quality or that there are bigger issues. Sometimes repairs are inevitable. 

There are solutions on how to repair broken solar panels. However, for proper efficiency, you will need regular solar maintenance. These include solar panel servicing to ensure that it functions at optimal performance levels 

You need to constantly check on the solar panels to make sure they are safe from glass breakage. Note that the tree branches could fall and break glass, leading to water leakage damaging the cells. Ensure that solar glass replacement is done as soon as possible in case of any cracks.  

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