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8 Common Mistakes Made When Buying Solar

Are you sick and tired of buying solar panels that are not sustainable, even after involving a solar company?

Worry no more because I’m about to give you a solar panel buying guide. I will expose the common mistakes you are prone to make when buying solar.

Over time, the energy consumption in homes has been rising, causing an increase in prices. Many homeowners have therefore decided to invest in solar panels. However, if you are torn between leasing vs. buying solar panels, know that the long-term advantage of buying is more with the reduced monthly bill. You will learn more about this as you read through the article.

In the process of getting a solar panel, you may encounter several challenges. If you are new to the industry, solar middlemen may mislead you into buying inadequate solar panels. Therefore, it is essential to involve a solar company that has experience and credibility in its work.

Enlightened Solar has built its brand by being the leading solar installation company in Orange County. In line with this, we can offer consultations on the best solar panels to buy.

As a client, you should be open to researching solar panels options. Many factors could save you money, such as buying solar panels in bulk. However, the fact that you clicked on this article means that you will be avoiding the pitfalls of having a bad solar panel in your home.

So, what are these mistakes that people make in their quest to buy a solar panel for their home? How can you not fall victim?

Let us examine:

  1. The thought of going cheap
  2. Lack of knowledge on the level of your home’s energy consumption
  3. Minimal focus on the installation process
  4. Tolerating poor customer experience
  5. Ignoring the roofing sustainability
  6. Shallow focus on warranty information
  7. Lack of knowledge on solar installation regulations in your area
  8. Conclusion
  • The thought of going cheap

When in a bid to buy solar panels for your home, you should aim at buying quality. The goal is to have a sustainable solar system that will serve you for more than twenty years. Yes! A great solar panel should last a long time.

Many people have fallen victim to cheap solar, hoping that it will serve the same purpose as the high quality and expensive solar panels. One of the central fueling notions is trusting every solar company. Some middlemen will make you believe in their services hence duping you from buying quality solar panels.

You find that most of the cheap solar systems do not come with reasonable warranty offers. It is a red flag. Most buyers go for this option with the thought of saving on the initial costs. What you should note is that the long-term costs will be costly with the constant breakdowns. Though expensive, a good solar panel is long-lasting and comes with a long term warranty.

While working on a budget, you may decide whether to lease or buy a solar panel. Although leasing may seem cheaper at first, it incurs you a monthly payment option inclusive of interest. Therefore, buying is still the better option as it is a one-time investment with no monthly charges.

  • Lack of knowledge on the level of your home’s energy consumption

When you visit a credible solar company, they will ask questions about your energy consumption. The information helps them to advise you on the type of solar panel to purchase. Unfortunately, homeowners in Orange County have constantly made the mistake of not revealing their homes’ exact energy consumption levels.

Most homeowners do this to cut the solar panel initial buying costs. Through this, you will buy a solar panel that cannot sustain the energy consumption levels, hence challenging the efficiency of the solar panel. You will then rush to buy additional solar panels in bulk which becomes more costly.

Your electric bill will drastically reduce after investing in your residential solar panels. Therefore, it is essential that you offset your solar with the correct amount of energy to generate enough electricity.

U.S. Total and Renewable Energy Consumption By Source

(Source: Center for Sustainable Systems)

  • Minimal focus on the Installation process

Investing in solar panels adds value to your residential property. Having this in mind has led many homeowners astray because they choose to only focus on the value it brings but forget to focus on a quality installation process. Focus on getting a quality solar panel brand, as well as a competent solar installation company.

So, what entails poor installation?

First, you must vet the solar panel installation company. Poor installation could cost you many future breakdowns such as leaking roofs, poor customer service, and solar panel ineffectiveness. As you buy your residential solar panel, you will come across intermediaries that promise free installations in the package. While this may sound good, it has cost the residents of Orange County an arm and a leg fixing the long-term effects of a poor installation.

Receiving a poor installation will cost you time and money. Avoid this by researching installation companies that are trustworthy and value the customers’ experience.

Residential Quarterly Installation Volumes

(Source: Seia)

  • Tolerating poor customer experience

In line with perfect solar installations, you should ensure that the solar company has excellent after-sales services. They should be willing to support you after the purchase and installation. As a homeowner, you will not understand all the gist of the solar system in one sitting. You will constantly need to understand some aspects in a bid to receive maximum efficiency.

To do this, the solar company needs to be available. You should note that a solar panel investment is long-term and will serve you for over twenty years. Many homeowners make the mistake of brushing off customer service support after the purchase and installation. You find that the cheap services are not inclusive of the after-sales service. Therefore, you will be prone to spending more money in case of any inquiries.

Here is a solar buying guide tip you should not forget!

Ensure that the company you choose has excellent and efficient after-sales services. They should be available to check on you anytime you need clarifications and system maintenance. It will not only save you money but also give you peace of mind. You know, peace like a river is all you need in your home!

  • Ignoring the roofing sustainability

To achieve the best solar installation, you cannot ignore the quality of the roof. Unfortunately, many homeowners overlook this leaving it neglected for long periods. Therefore, when you decide to go solar, you should remember that roofing is the most crucial part of a solar installation process.

So what should you consider to achieve great roofing?

If your roof has been in existence for decades, it might be evident that it is wearing out. Before installing solar, you could consider having it replaced. It may seem like an expensive project, but this will save you future troubles after installing the solar panel system. Unfortunately, most companies may not remind you of this fact, as they are about doing business. Therefore, as you do your research, do not overlook the roof.

In addition, many homeowners get misinformed on having their home’s system facing north to achieve the effectiveness of solar energy. It is not entirely true. However, the solar energy loss is minimal and should not discourage your decision to buy a solar panel.

As you budget for roofing, do proper research on the materials you need to finish the project. It includes shingles, rock and star, and protective coatings. You should also consider the labor; that is, people who will remove and fix the new roof.

  • Shallow focus on the warranty information

After finding a solar panel and making the decision to buy it, please read the warranty conditions! Overlooking the information has cost many homeowners in Orange County. Reading the warranty and understanding helps you note the level of coverage that the company gives you. Different companies have different levels of coverage. You should compare and contrast to find one that fits your short-term and long-term needs.

Implied warranties that you should consider:

  1. Solar panel artistry; it’s a warranty that covers inferior materials or artistry in panel manufacture. This warranty is passed down directly to the customer from the manufacturer. The warranty is a five to ten years warranty.
  2. Solar panel performance warranty; It covers the panel’s performance for over two decades. The solar panel manufacturer offers this.
  3. Solar installation warranty; The solar provider gives this coverage for the solar panel installation. Therefore, this warranty is not the same and varies from one provider to the other. This warranty goes for a period of two to five years. Ensure that you settle for a long installation warranty, as this will reflect the provider’s credibility.
  4. Solar inverter warranty covers the inverter which controls the solar energy conversion to electricity. It is a manufacturer’s warranty that should cover you for up to 10 years.
Solar Panel Warranty Comparison Chart

(Source: Clean Energy)

Before you purchase a solar panel, you should understand your entitlements and those of the manufacturer and the solar panel provider.  The advantages you get from the provider should help you in deciding to work with them. The solar panel provider should have presence and power.

  • Lack of interest in learning about the solar brand.

I cannot stop emphasizing that investing in a solar panel is a huge milestone. Therefore, you want to buy the best solar panel brand on the market in terms of quality and reliability. Most homeowners make the mistake of not following up to learn about the solar brands they want to purchase.

It is necessary to research and read what is known about the brand you are about to buy. You will find solar brand reviews from people who have interacted with the brand. The messaging will show you which brands are the best.

Saving with Solar

(Source: Coule Energy)

  • Lack of knowledge on the solar installation regulations in your area.

As much as you are excited about installing a solar panel in your home, you should be aware of the solar installation regulations in your region.

The location permit could contribute to a smooth solar panel installation. To smoothen the process, ensure that you know the permits and regulations in your region. Companies such as Enlightened Solar are aware of the solar panel installation permits in Orange County. After assessing your home, they will direct you to the best advice.

Are you ready to make good decisions when buying solar panels?

Research is an essential tool while on a mission to buy solar panels in bulk. However, do not overlook the small stuff. Use the pointers discussed above as your solar panel buying guide.

Your home will have the best quality solar panel, and in turn, you will connect with a provider who is an expert in the industry, helping you solve your home’s energy issues. With the information above, you can make sober decisions on leasing vs. buying solar panels.

To benefit, you must consider the eight mistakes that homeowners make, as mentioned above. But, then, avoid them like the plague!

At Enlightened Solar, our fundamental values include transparency which is key to building trust with homeowners in Orange County. Our customer service team is ready to advise and explain all the solar panel details you need to know before buying.

We are the leading premium solar panel installation company in Orange County. We ensure that you enjoy all the advantages that come with investing in a Solar panel. Contact us today!